The story

Saw, SuperSaw, Sharkish Saw, … I’m fed up with saws! (no I’m not)
The square wave doesn’t get the love she deserves, so here is a very lightweight instrument made just to play with squares.

So we sampled enough squares to fill an instrument, everything is square-ish but the LFO (square ONLY). Samples are made from real analog synths:
– Krischer MINI
– Novation BassStation 2
– Korg MS-20
and digitally generated (methematics) inspired by famous machines.

The recording of analog sources was made with the simplest path possible: from the source directly to the audio interface.

Generating waveforms from maths is a bit more trickier and requires a bit of programming skills. To add a tad more complexity we have tried to create waveforms inspired by real hardwares by mixing wavetable design and pure math models (Python generated) to come close. Please be aware SQUADRANT is not a wavetable synthesizer.

The UI gives minimal tweakbility:
– a basic Attack/Release envelope
– a square LFO (speed & amount)
– a multimode filter (frequency cutoff, resonance, 6 modes)
– E? expression macro knob
– effects on/off switches (delay, modulation, overdrive, reverb)
– 13 shades of square
– a big macro knob at the center
– a bunch of presets

That’s all. Just have some fun with Squares, they deserve it. Squares need love too.


Reviews for SQUADRANT

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • A super versatile square-based synth!

    If you are looking for a square-synth but with tons of customization options, along with a premium feel and quality to it, this is basically the perfect choice. The amount of different kinds of sounds you can get out of it is huge, and everything seems absolutely top notch.

    If you are trying to change some elements by cliking on them, try dragging them instead (the Flter the Square types). All in all, this is a perfect, premium-quality instrument that comes for free, and in a very small size too!

    Alex Raptakis22 September 2022
  • Sounds cool

    But it can sound cooler with some OTT and Saturation (I added those and it almost sounds like a metal-e-guitar now)! So if that's your vibe go for it!
    GUI on point as always!

    Thank you for all the packs you submitted FS! <3

    Snake22 September 2022
  • Explore the magic of square waves

    It is really cool how this synth is entirely based on square waves. And this instrument puts that in the spotlight, awesome!!

    The minimal ability to tweak this synth results in it sounding a little the same. However, by using external effects, you can turn this square instrument into a lot of very interesting and awesome sounds. The gui looks cool and it is fun to play around with nevertheless. A great instrument, worth checking out!

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022