The story

K-OSC was our first attempt to produce a Kontakt library. It’s a raw instrument plugged into guitar effects.
Inspired by John KRISCHER’s original handmade Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, the K-OSC is pure oscillator juice: no ADSR, no LFO, no MIDI. But our “inspired by” instrument is a bit less ‘basic’ than the real deal hence it’s got independant volume controls for each oscillator instead of ON/OFF switches. And you can play it using MIDI notes.

When we came to the K-OSC it was just a proof of concept as Fluidshell is more a hardware design studio than a software producer. K-OSC was our first one, followed up by the NoiseBox)… and many more.

The K-OSC uses samples we created with the real hardware analog synthesizer, recorded straight into the soundcard with minimal post-processing (levelling).
This instrument is a sampled version of the real deal, which is a very basic analog synth (three oscillators with separate tuning, on/off switch for each osc and that’s all).
So we sampled all of the 3 oscillators in a one octave range.


Reviews for K-OSC

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  • Perfect!

    Perfect for some alien ambience...

    Jorge28 April 2024
  • A different kind of evolution!

    This is a quite interesting instrument that you need to spend a little time in order to understand its capabilities. It's about 3 different oscillating layers of sounds that can be blended together, altered with some effects, but most importantly they can be bent!

    The three main dials are the most unique feature of this instrument, and I highly recommend to everyone user to bind each one to an easily accessible CC setting and create automations some crazy automations, either with the use of a physical fader, or just inside a DAW. The result is some very intricate oscillating evolutions based on pitch bending!

    The incredible GUI design is just the cherry on the cake - it's what makes you play even more with the instrument without getting bored. All that, packed in the ridiculously small size of 8MB, which makes it an easy addition to everyone's library without any hesitation.

    Alex Raptakis23 September 2022
  • Very useful, wonderful sounding synth

    I really love this synth. At first, it just looks like 3 oscillators, but each of them is monophonic, and you can get some incredibly cool, otherworldly sounds by playing with the detune. This instrument is great for creating drones and it's definitely worth your time. The GUI looks really nice, and it is also very clear.

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022
  • Ambient synth

    This instrument sounds like an ambient synth, really full sound as well and a long delay. The sound clicked a lot on my pc, but I think that is a problem on my side and not with the pack itself. The GUI looks amazing (as always from you)! Cables are kinda weird at points but I stated that on a different pack of yours as well.

    Snake22 September 2022