The story

Shortly after the initial release of the LittleMommy, we had a discussion with the friend who provided to us the samples used into the LM. We had a lot of fun making the LittleMommy and we were looking for a way to extend the adventure. The BigDaddy was born.

The BigDaddy shares the samples with the LittleMommy, they are nearly the same except some minor tweakings (levelling).

Detail of a “voice”:
– 4 simultaneous waveforms with Gain/Pan/Drive
– ADSR with retrigger/free run
– Mixable shapes complex LFO with retrigger/latch
– Resonant HPF with bypass
– Resonant LPF with LFO

Mixer / FX / Output sections:
– XY Pad to control “voices” mix
– Tape Saturation with bypass
– Grit Delay with Crossover & Retrun amount controls + bypass
– Switchable 3 bands EQ
– Master Output
– Drift simulation (analog-ish variation of tuning instability)

Don’t forget to copy the presets folders into the “User Content” folder on your computer.


Reviews for BigDaddy

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Crazily detailed!

    The idea of taking the basic waves and combining them may sound simple and may have been done a lot, and by many, yet FD has manage to create something very intricate. With an enormous amount of detail in both terms of settings and output possibilities, BigDaddy is a big, chocky patch that gives the user the chance to explore the world of oscillators.

    The result is a big panel full of knobs and buttons, made in a way that you really want to have that thing in real life and start twisting and pressing. Split in 4 oscillator groups, with 4 set of settings each, plus another 4 global effect panels, this patch needs nothing more in order to win over the user.

    And all of that, packed in a 10MB folder. Insane!

    Alex Raptakis23 September 2022
  • Fun and complex synth

    This is a pretty complete synth library with several oscillators and lots of options to shape the sound. The GUI can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is fun to work with after getting used to it. Overall this is a very cool synth library.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • The GUI overwhelmed me...

    This is basically a fully fledged triple osc., but all these knobs and buttons are a little overwhelming, it looks really cool, don't get me wrong, but the amount of settings is insane! It sounds really good though, so with some work you can make some great sounds, I do would love to have some presets in this instrument, to reduce some of the work of configuring it completely from scratch as it feels right now for me.

    Snake22 September 2022