The story

For the record, BA*NG° is an instrument based on Artificial Intelligence (ohoh, buzzword).
But not in the meaning of “designed with or powered by AI”. No: BA*NG° is entirely handmade, like all our instruments.

It all started with an observation: AI image generators have an incredible capacity to produce nightmarish things. For us, it’s a source of inspiration.

BA*NG° offers no controls apart from the MIDI keyboard and the pitch wheel. This is a choice designed to allow you to focus more on the melody, letting yourself be carried away by the sound of the instrument.

BA*NG° uses a wavetable created exclusively for this instrument. Each of the 33 presets uses it differently. Beyond the distinctive sound of wavetable synthesizers, this also means that the instrument takes up very little space on the hard disk and in memory.

BA*NG° is not a lightweight version of another product. In fact, it was the starting point for our 4MBIENCE Collection. So it’s not an ‘LE version’ but the raw concept.

Be sure to install the presets!

For Windows: \Users\\My Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt
For Mac OS: Macintosh HD/Users//Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt


Reviews for BA.NG°

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  • BANG Ethereal

    Thank you for your nice work.
    It just took some time to make the proper setup in Kontakt 7.

    foupax23 May 2024