Chris Vela "Dark Reaven"’s Reviews

  • A clean Sound

    Just an amazing clean sound of a guitar

    Crafter 6 Steel Strings02 February 2023
  • great tool to create ambiences.

    if you add additional reverb and play short notes
    you will be releasing hell .

    Heaven and Hell08 April 2023
  • instant inspiration!!

    thanks!! this is a very light amazing sound, just hold a chord and let the magic work.

    Thunder & Wine23 September 2023
  • Gladiator and Dune in one patch

    this instrument is nice, really useful for slow ambiance music.
    thanks for the effort and good work.

  • Open Source Treat.

    i was not expecting an open source project been presented here on pianobook, very well done and also good sounding samples.

    open strings28 January 2024