The story

İ had the inspiration from Dante’s; “Devine Comedy” n William Blake’s; “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. Most of the time i’m composing music for visuals or experimental projects so this instrument has layers of atmospheric sounds n spaces. Each layer is representing a symbolic sound of the world we live in or afterlife….

This instrument has got 6 layers with all independent volume knobs. First layer is a Csus4 low tuned 12 string guitar been played with a violin bow… this first layer is the only musical layer that represents us human beings… the rest of the layers are field recordings of different spaces representing our life in this world n afterlife…

The bowed 12 string guitar is recorded with a zoom h6 in a very loud apartment flat with xy and ms microphones. Most of the field recordings are recorded during my travels with a zoom h6 and tascam dr40. Blending the bowed guitar sounds and space ambiances can create amazingly strong, disturbing or emotional sounds…

I mostly use this sample pack to create long disturbing and spooky drones with lots of reverb and post processing. This sample pack an be usefull for some media composing or dark ambient type music….

***There was a bug with the chorus, moddepth n modrate knobs now its fixed n i uploaded a fixed version…


Reviews for Heaven and Hell

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  • great tool to create ambiences.

    if you add additional reverb and play short notes
    you will be releasing hell .

  • Pure Creativity

    WOW. This is the sound I never knew I wanted. Great job and very creative ideas! Best sound I've heard in a long time and completely unique. Thanks for sharing.

    kevin21 April 2023
  • Dreadful in a Good Way

    This instrument is so chaotic, and the only word I can think of to describe how it makes me feel is "dread". It makes me think of Penderecki or Ligatti. It's the sound of worlds colliding. Great stuff!

    lobster bisque26 April 2023