The story

This is my effort to make an instrument that can sound good and does not require a lot of RAM memory from my old laptop, it has only 2gb. inspired by the concept of the Evo Libraries that Spitfire Audio makes especially LCO Textures i wanted to create something similar in sound but less demanding on Pc resources. So i took various samples from various sample libraries from pianobook and some from Mr.Henson’s free YouTube samples, mix them spread them in timing, use EQ ,a bit of plate reverb and a ton of paul-stretching and export it as a simple long unique sample. i think it sounds very good, hope you can enjoy it as well. just play a chord and let it do its thing.

Sparks from a single star. -Dark Reaven. Demo.


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  • A beautiful evo.

    Chris has achieved exactly what he set out to do and gifted us a beautiful Evo in the process. I love his story - it reminds of "back in the day", trying to fit as much as possible into 2Mb of RAM in an Akai S950 - the process that is not the sound. Amazing what you can fit into 24.5Mb. Well done sir. It may only do one thing but it does it really well - so if you like Evo's you should definitely download it. Oh, and it's for Decent Sampler as it says on the download button, so you won't find an NKI here...

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • Beautiful, slow string evolutions

    This is a very barebones instrument that features a lovely string pad sound signature. The sound evolves very slowly over time, and it has a nice, yet smooth texture on it. The sound quality is very good, but it has some quirks that some users might mind.

    As the evolution starts, every note starts with being hard-panned to the left, and as it evolves, it slowly fills the right channel a little more. Midway, there is also a whole-step pitch shift inbetween the other sounds, which I found beautiful. The evolution though is incredibly slow, and there is no way to control anything.

    The GUI has an unlabeled knob that I can't really tell if it's doing something. For such an instrument, attack and release settings would be awesome to have. It's a good sound overall though, and it's nice that it's available on DecentSampler!

    Edit: There is a fix for the knob issue in the forum!

    Alex Raptakis27 December 2021
  • Beautiful sound but kind of non descript

    The sound itself is pretty beautiful and shimmery but unless im doing something wrong, there is no nki, just a single sample to load into kontakt and play across the keyboard. This isn't necessarily an issue with these kind of ambient pad sounds but theres no control and the release is very short so i found myself adding third party plugins to shape the sound, which again isn't necessarily a bad thing just something to note. Mainly even though the sound sounds good, we probably have more beautiful and unique ambient pads on pianobook than any other instrument so I'm naturally going to be more critical as we already have so many good ones, my pianobook folder will just get too big if i save every one. This one just didn't stand out to me or inspire me enough to want to keep around. I personally prefer the pads that have very subtle movement or "thrumming" things going on. But even if you wanted just a simple clean pad, i still think there are better options on pianobook. Release control would be an excellent start to improving this in my opinion.

    septemberwalk21 December 2021