The story

Hello everyone I am delighted with Pianobook, I found a lot of the coolest tools here and am constantly adding to my collection! I thank everyone who had a hand in creating this project, as well as everyone who puts their sample libraries here – you are cool! I also want to contribute, and therefore I will present to you my library of Crafter electroacoustic guitar (MD70-12EQ/TBK) for Decent Sampler!

Initially, this is a 12-string guitar, but since I’m only new to playing the guitar, I left only 6 strings in the classical formation (EADGBE). At first I just wanted to borrow this guitar from my work colleague Julia to record it and then return it, but the guitar playing fascinated me so much, and the sound of Crafter seemed so beautiful that I decided to buy it back.

Perhaps later I will create and post a library in the Palm Mute technique, or maybe not, let’s see 🙂


Reviews for Crafter 6 Steel Strings

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • A clean Sound

    Just an amazing clean sound of a guitar

  • OwO

    Guitar sound for rock ballade!
    Great Sound! Thanx!

    Brat Ka03 February 2023
  • Nice sound, awkward to install on IOS

    The sound of this guitar is very clean and very useable. But for some reason it is awkward to install on Decent IOS version. Jiggery pokery results in a working guitar, but the graphic interface is absent.

    The Wight Guy06 February 2023