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Thunder & Wine Sample Pack

While capturing the sound of a wine glass might not be groundbreaking, I believe in starting small and I just wanted to make a humble contribution to this vibrant community.

First Preset: Thunder & Wine

I recorded a wine glass using an Oktava MK12 microphone, placing two of them spread on a stereo track. This unassuming sound is then enveloped in a Convolution hall created from a 20-second thunder recording captured in my garden a few days ago. When you play a short note, you can hear the glass’s subtle resonance within the thunderous backdrop.

For customization, blend in an additional sample track to give the sound more character, that was made with a grainy delay effect. It starts only when the key is pressed a short while.

Adjust the Attack, Release, LoPass Filter, and Chorus parameters to shape the tone as you prefer. While not groundbreaking, I hope this preset offers a pleasing and easily playable sonic experience.

Second Preset: Thunder & Pads

In an attempt to enrich the tones of the initial Sample Pack,I made some other sampes. Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes, and recognizing that is an achievement in itself and so I left it at that. Despite this, I have utilized the leftover samples from these experiments to create a second preset—an optional addition. Perhaps someone can find value in this drone-like sound, offering similar customization options to the first preset.


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  • instant inspiration!!

    thanks!! this is a very light amazing sound, just hold a chord and let the magic work.