The story

Since i found the Pianobook project i always
wanted to contribute in some form, but i have
no music skills or musical instruments.

so my attention was lead to very old public domain movies recordings.

i search for public domain horror films that were pretty….. noisy??? to say at least since they were recorded almost in VHS tapes and mono low quality audio
but i think that is what make them perfect to horror.

i extracted audio samples for different movies and put them through stock plugins on my Daw of choice which is LMMS(on a Linux laptop) and well there you have it reverb delay flanger and Equalizer.

hope you like this very primitive and horror sounds and this bring a new perspective on what a old recording can bring to the horror sound world.

( sorry for the very lame black background hoping somebody with talent on picture editing tools can add a better wallpaper.)

Reviews for Ancient Cursed Tapes

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  • Awesome Spookiness

    As i said in other reviews on first pass of pianobook i never really downloaded these spooky sounds because i don't have much use for them. Coming back around I'm realizing i need to organize my pianobook folder into categories and i can have a horror folder so even though i wouldn't use these sounds often i have them if i ever want them. This sound is so interesting. Its kind of like being caught in an eerie windstorm. There is not much controllable about this instrument but it doesn't need it. The sound is really interesting and evolving and has a huge range providing both wisper like highs and rumbling lows

    septemberwalk04 November 2021
  • Great Idea!! and a perfect time of year to find it!

    I love some of the sounds I get with it and the creativity behind the pack. It has inspired me to start sampling more of the everyday 'mono' sounds and just have fun with them in my DAW. Thanks so much for the time and effort .. Looking forward to more from you.. Followed!!!!

    Phantommxr12 October 2021
  • Lots of spooky sound designs here

    While these sounds aren't musical or particularly playable, they are certainly interesting sound designs, and would be useable in certain circumstances. It would be nice to have more GUI controls within decent sampler like ADSR controls or filter controls for additional shaping. While these samples are really my cup of tea, I suspect that they will be really useful to other people.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Creepy SFX and ambiences

    This is a very simplistic bundle of 7 different patches. Every one is about a slightly different airy ambience with a horror aesthetic to it, from smooth and choral to more harsh and scifi. In most cases, the attack is very slow and they are also not very loud. There are two knobs found with no labels at all. The first is really the default filter that DecentSampler usually has, and I think the other one is a Reverb, though I am not sure.

    My favourite has to be the Ghosts and Strings one! Keep in mind that in your DecentSampler library they are going to be sorted by their name, but they are not named in a way in order to stick together...

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021