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  • Pure Nostalgia & Bittersweet Memories

    The Nordiska Pianon from Vetlanda holds a special place in my heart. It's the piano you'll find at every swedish schools music room, in the living room in some older peoples home, at the home where my crush lived, or just at random places in Sweden.

    I used to noodle around on the on at school for hours before mom would call and ask where I am. This piano captures the sound beautifully! I am instantly transported back to the time when I sat in front of it, playing music with friends and family... Apparently even my dad knew some people who worked at their factory in Vetlanda. It's a sad story how it all ended.

    Could use some more round robins and velocity layers - otherwise it's a great moody piano with many uses!

    Nordiska Piano Deluxe12 March 2022