Nordiska Piano Deluxe

Deluxe version of the Nordiska Piano...

The story

Nordiska Piano Deluxe
– Individual sustain and release samples per key
– Izotope RX noise reduction
– Improved velocity response
– Improved sustain pedal behavior
– Kontakt GUI

Nordiska Piano V1.4

I have found this fantastic place in the south of Sweden called Rosenlunds Gård where me and my family spent three consecutive summers in a house – a very quiet place in the middle of a small forest. We loved every second of it.

The house had many carefully chosen decorative elements (most of which I assume were picked up as junk in the villages nearby), one of which was this upright piano (made by an old Swedish company called “Nordiska Piano”), standing right under the wooden stairs that led up to the second floor. I got quite a bit attached to the sound of this (obviously not very well maintained) piano and I wished I could take it home – so I decided to sample it.

This is a reduced set of samples organized into a Kontakt instrument (I maintain a larger version with every individual key sampled). It reacts to sustain pedal and comes with individal release samples. Samples are noise reduced using RX, originals are huge 96 kHz files with all sustains and releases in two velocity layers, so they are huge and not included, but can be provided on request.

Special feature: impulse response of the frame that – in a way – simulates the response of the frame/soundboard excited by individual notes.


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  • Good upgrade, but still noisy

    The non-deluxe version had some problems. Some are fixed, but some others are still here. The main one is the white noise that surrounds every sample, especially on the high velocity layer where you can really hear a very harsh attack. There are still badly cropped samples with background noises such as bird chirping in very rare cases. You won't easily notice them though, unless you like holding notes for way too long. The GUI has nothing to offer. I also need to add that while this is a 500MB instrument, the dowload is nearly 2GB because of the inclusion of the original samples. Is this really needed?

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Bright tacky top end

    I liked the sound of the piano since it's initial release, and this Deluxe version it has improved it in a wonderful way. It retains it's slight natural honkytonkness but it's subtle enough. The brightness of the high octaves make this piano stand out as something I might use in the just right circumstance.

    Boag111 October 2021