The story

I was working on an indie game and found myself needing a very specific sound: the sound of a nylon guitar plucked really softly, slowly and irregularly. But I couldn’t find a library anywhere that had this sound.

I ended up grabbing my old and beat up classical guitar from LIDL (yes, LIDL) and learnt the basics of Kontakt to make it myself. I would like to thank Dave Hilowitz for his amazing videos on this subject! I uploaded the finished product first to Gumroad for 1$ and then for free via a link to google drive. Three of my friends were kind enough to buy it though (I know who you are – thank you 🙂 )

But I think more people could find this useful and when I found out about Pianobook it felt almost like a perfect fit to upload it here! Might update this in the future with a knob for reverb and delay – though you can easily adjust that in the edit mode.

I’m really happy with this since I got lots of use out of it and I’m proud that I actually managed to make something myself 😀 I love sample libraires, so making one myself was really fun but I’ll probably never do it again because so much work ugh

UPDATE: Some people have asked – so I’m now working on a Decent Sampler version! Hoping to make it better than the Kontakt version. The Kontakt version might also see an update if I have the time!

Behind The Scenes/Making of

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  • KUDOS!

    Now you make me wonder whether or not I should attempt to sequence F. Tarrega's "Recuerdos De La Alhambra" using your trem pad on my DAW or not......

    AnsonFClef27 May 2022
  • Just beautiful

    What a beautiful sounding instrument. And a fantastic video. I'd love to hear more from you! I ended up paying on your gumroad site, as i think it's just that good. Free doesn't do it justice!

    Michael Dow30 November 2022
  • Beautiful

    Wow, beautiful sound. Best of the lot is the tremolo pads. Good job.

    DannyChong17 March 2022
  • amazing tremolo

    I think this is one of the best guitar tremolos I've ever heard, thanks for your effort.

  • Very Nice!

    Well done Sean! I can see so many uses for this instrument, particularly with introspective and quietly emotive works such as your own example tracks. There have been a few Thrumming, Swarming and Tremolo instruments recently and all have their own place (obviously) - but for the sort of projects I get involved with, (mostly for my own amusement), I imagine I will be making use of this instrument, especially the Nylon Guitar Tremolo Pad. Thank you!
    P.S. Love the cheeky homage to the Labs Videos!

    Steves-Lens11 March 2022
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