Guitar Tremolo Pads

A soft and irregularly plucked classical guitar from LIDL! Great for underscoring, movement or just as a basis for a pad in general......

The story

I was working on an indie game and found myself needing a very specific sound: the sound of a nylon guitar plucked really softly, slowly and irregularly. But I couldn’t find a library anywhere that had this sound.

I ended up grabbing my old and beat up classical guitar from LIDL (yes, LIDL) and learnt the basics of Kontakt to make it myself. I would like to thank Dave Hilowitz for his amazing videos on this subject! I uploaded the finished product first to Gumroad for 1$ and then for free via a link to google drive. Three of my friends were kind enough to buy it though (I know who you are – thank you 🙂 )

But I think more people could find this useful and when I found out about Pianobook it felt almost like a perfect fit to upload it here! Might update this in the future with a knob for reverb and delay – though you can easily adjust that in the edit mode.

I’m really happy with this since I got lots of use out of it and I’m proud that I actually managed to make something myself 😀 I love sample libraires, so making one myself was really fun but I’ll probably never do it again because so much work ugh

UPDATE: Some people have asked – so I’m now working on a Decent Sampler version! Hoping to make it better than the Kontakt version. The Kontakt version might also see an update if I have the time!

Behind The Scenes/Making of

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  • Beautiful

    Wow, beautiful sound. Best of the lot is the tremolo pads. Good job.

    DannyChong17 March 2022
  • amazing tremolo

    I think this is one of the best guitar tremolos I've ever heard, thanks for your effort.

    Mohammad Al Nassar11 March 2022
  • Very Nice!

    Well done Sean! I can see so many uses for this instrument, particularly with introspective and quietly emotive works such as your own example tracks. There have been a few Thrumming, Swarming and Tremolo instruments recently and all have their own place (obviously) - but for the sort of projects I get involved with, (mostly for my own amusement), I imagine I will be making use of this instrument, especially the Nylon Guitar Tremolo Pad. Thank you!
    P.S. Love the cheeky homage to the Labs Videos!

    Steves-Lens11 March 2022
  • Awesomely performed swarms!

    This is a fantastic package that gives you access to different kinds of guitar glittery swarms. With high quality sampling and 5 different patches, you will find yourself getting lost to the sound of this instrument. It is also incredibely well performed, producing a real and dynamic sound across the strokes.

    As the only downside, I'd personally switch everything at least one octave lower, just to have a better and more balanced performing experience. Most keyboards can do it with one button though, and it doesn't matter in programming anyway. I'd also be nice if all patches were available in one folder, but that can also be fixed by the user.

    Nevertheless, this is simply incredible. Hats off!

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022
  • Guitar Trem Pads

    Very usable strait out the box.

    I haven't used it in any works yet, but I bet it will work well with a synth pad.
    Nice one Sean!

    Arcade Studio13 March 2022