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Hi, I made this instrument a couple of years ago. I wanted to try the entire process of sampling drum instrument. My old friend Michal Zubaty provided his own drum kit that he plays. I recorded his drum kit with his settings and tuning in a small room covered by a lot of carpets, blankets and acoustic panels to get tight, vintage, raw sound. I also used non-traditional mic settings – two mics in front of the drums. The first mic (Front MONO) is below and captures dense frequencies. The other one (Front STEREO) is above the cymbals and captures the high frequencies. This combination gives you better control over frequency balancing. This drum kit works well with rock, jazz or funky styles. Each drum was recorded with 8 velocity layers and 4 round robins.

Since there aren’t many free drum kits out there, I believe it will be useful to someone.



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  • Great Stuff!

    Don't know what to say other than thanks for making this! Really solid library that can be processed to suit a number of genres!

    There are only a few good free drum libraries that holds this amount of quality. The interface is easy to use and the playability is great.

    My only complaint is that the F# and G# keys for playing open and closed hi-hat samples should switch places.

    Sean SecretSamplist 01 March 2023
  • Simply awesome

    Tired of mega processed drums, finally I found a raw one wich sunds amazingly realistic. You can start by zero mixing it and get a real sound of a drum. I recomend it a lot

    Nekrofarium03 March 2023
  • Good kit

    There are actually a lot of free drums, but they are well done and very few are humanized. love this drum

    haya05 March 2023
  • beautiful

    solo puedo decir que agradesco mucho que compartas estos sonidos la verdad que es simplemente hermoso tu trabajo! muchas gracias

    loxan05 May 2024

    Thank you so much!

    Basscl3f06 October 2023
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