The story

I bought this customized woodwind piece from an artisan bamboo flute maker about ten years ago. Technically, this kind of Dizi has its own category named Xindi, which means a new type of flute with extra holes to make the playing of chromatic pitches easier.

I asked the maker to add 2 extra holes to this piece. The result turned out not to be very perfect because these 2 extra holes required larger hands to cover. Normally Dizi has only six finger holes.

So during the past 10 years, there were only a few times I played it(and those 2 holes and the membrane hole are usually covered by duct tape). Last year I decided to sample this instrument because I thought its sound could be more useful to me on a PC.

For sampling, the audio interface I used was M-Track SOLO, and the mic was Superlux FI10. The process was quite simple, and I skipped recording multiple dynamic layers because, after a few attempts, I did not find a way to maintain the consistency of crossfading between different samples with their own dynamic levels.

To make this patch more playable, I imported two free scripts from SIPS(Solo Instrument Performance Suite) to add legato and vibrato.


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  • Beautiful!

    I love flutes in general and I never heard about this Dizi bamboo or Xindi..and wow it sounds amazing! The library takes up very little little space memory , it was recorded very well and ever since i heard the demo on youtube i was hooked by this sound!

    The only thing is that the gui it's a bit chaotic but that's all , thank you so much for this gift :)

    ARKAN25 December 2022
  • Great sound but has bugs

    Downloaded and fell in love so fast that I started composing immediately - the sound is soft and emotional and really inspired me to create!

    But after a while it started crackling like crazy and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out that playing fast passages quickly makes the Kontakt instrument quickly reach 100% CPU and it won't go back down unless I reload or press the ! button to the top right to force a restart. A fix I found was to move any Midi CC controller which seems to reset something so that the crackling never happens again. This is actually suggested in text where the control panel should be when you open edit mode - so it likely has something to do with the SIPS scripts.

    Don't let that hinder you from downloading this though - it's a simple fix and the sound is worth it.

    Sean SecretSamplist 30 January 2023
  • I love this!

    A very playable and unique flute sample library. You can really just feel the sense of life in the notes and it just sounds really nice. Only quibble I would say is the GUI gives me a bit of a panic attack but I guess it speaks to the amount of work the samplist put into the legato scripting. I think you should get this

    ryan weeksSamplist 02 December 2022