Andrew Ernst’s Reviews

  • Absolute stunner of a guitar instrument!

    This is an instrument and set of patches that you should have to pay for, because it's amazing that Fred has offered up such a wonderfully sampled guitar library. The ASAT SWARM patch is just so good for guitar textures and movement, and the DI patch sounds so well recorded! Thank you for sharing this one with us all Fred!

    ASAT Classic Variations10 December 2021
  • Look no further for a sitar!

    This is an absolute unique stunner of a sample library that is on par with many of the premium virtual instruments on the market. As a pianobook user, I am grateful for such a well-recorded instrument contribution to the community. Brendan, thank you for your contribution! Just throw a bit of reverb on it and play away! Lots of inspiration here!

    Abecedarian Sitar20 October 2021
  • Absolutely flawless recordings!

    Hugely inspiring contribution to Pianobook in this instrument! This could easily be a fully paid library from a top-tier sample developer, but instead it's being offered for free here to the community! If you're looking for generating a tranquil and magical mood, this is a great tool to have in your tool box!

    Kudos to the demoists who wrote some really great compositions for this instrument!

    Spring Chimes01 April 2022
  • There's a lot to unpack with this instrument.

    This instrument has a lot going for it underthe covers. Be sure to check out the tabs for "Main Engine", "Effects Engine", "Rhythm Engine" and "Output Engine". One of the first things I did after downloading this piano, was hop in to the Rhythm Engine section and set up the step sequencer with a sine-y wave on 1/4 repeats and it was literally an instant inspiration patch. The tone of the instrument is quite lovely, and if you want to shape it differently than the out-of-the-box settings, hop on over to the "Output Engine" section and give it some EQ treatment, where you'll find a five band equaliser and HP/LP filters. The UI is pretty flexible and laid out quite well.

    The piano is quite playable with three dynamic layers, and what looks to be four round robins, with samples at every three to four semitones across the keyboard.

    A very nice effort from Dore on this piano, and you should discover this piano for yourselves, too! There's a lot to love.

  • Urgency and tension builder, this one!

    This type of affected/processed piano isn't usually my cup of tea, but I had a fun little jam session with it recently. I layered it up with another less-processed piano, and was able to dial in the signals to a place where I was really happy with the outcome. There's a lot of low-end, but I'm often looking for a bit more low-end with piano libraries, so that's a really nice addition to this instrument. For those of us who don't have a whole compliment of effects loops/pedals, it's really "cool" pardon the pun to have offerings like this one. It is full of character, wobble and grit. If you're looking to create a sense of anticipation or building urgency/tension, this is a great instrument to add to your collection! Extra points on the GUI to get things tuned in to your liking.

    The ‘Cool’ Piano23 October 2021