Andrew Ernst’s Reviews

  • Look no further for a sitar!

    This is an absolute unique stunner of a sample library that is on par with many of the premium virtual instruments on the market. As a pianobook user, I am grateful for such a well-recorded instrument contribution to the community. Brendan, thank you for your contribution! Just throw a bit of reverb on it and play away! Lots of inspiration here!

    Abecedarian Sitar20 October 2021
  • Urgency and tension builder, this one!

    This type of affected/processed piano isn't usually my cup of tea, but I had a fun little jam session with it recently. I layered it up with another less-processed piano, and was able to dial in the signals to a place where I was really happy with the outcome. There's a lot of low-end, but I'm often looking for a bit more low-end with piano libraries, so that's a really nice addition to this instrument. For those of us who don't have a whole compliment of effects loops/pedals, it's really "cool" pardon the pun to have offerings like this one. It is full of character, wobble and grit. If you're looking to create a sense of anticipation or building urgency/tension, this is a great instrument to add to your collection! Extra points on the GUI to get things tuned in to your liking.

    The ‘Cool’ Piano23 October 2021
  • A true community gem!

    This is an inspirational instrument, given the origins of all the contributors! Be proud of yourselves, because this is a unique and creative sample instrument that's truly community-inspired! I've been fortunate to use this on a few unfinished compositions from the past year, and really love that it's offered as a Decent Sampler instrument. I've shared with friends who were just getting into composition and they were super excited to have such a high quality library for free!

    Winter Voices20 October 2021
  • What a lovely addition to autumn

    I can imagine using this instrument with slow motion forest videos, and transitioning into winter snow scenes. There's a lot of creativity here, and it is another great sample instrument from Dan! Thank you for sharing. Quite a nice walkthrough, too!

    Frozen Glock27 October 2021
  • Really great kit!

    As a drummer, I really appreciate a unique kit like this, and am looking forward to using this for years to come. Thanks Dan for another top-quality instrument.

    Cassette Drums21 November 2021