G Guevara’s Reviews

  • Great piano synth!!! or is it a sequencer?

    Thanks mate for this! It's really interesting!!!

    I love the options, the randomness that those round robins and velocity layers generates. It's super cool to use it as a fairy arpeggiator or something.

    I also enjoyed the addition of the delay, as it can generate more random or repetition to the arpeggiator world.

    I'll have to dig it deeper, to experiment with it, to enjoy it more,... and perhaps I'll chance the sound sources and make it more personal.

    To sum up:
    Download, enjoy it and experiment.

    Demon Piano21 June 2022
  • Another stunning instrument!!!

    Thanks master. This is another interesting instrument.

    Not sequenced, but repeated plucked sounds. Percussive or plucked, it doesn't matter, but it sounds lovely.

    SWooh-arrMR121 June 2022
  • Great piano!!!

    I was wondering if you know why in DS, in the "home piano" preset, while activating the sustain it triggers a note!!! Do you know how to solve this?


    Home Piano25 May 2022
  • I love it!

    Really awesome work!

    I own a Pianet, but the accuracy of this sampled instrument and the possibility to mix the ambient noise and the DI is amazing.

    If you want to use it as a real Pianet, remember not to use the sustain

    Really inspiring and playable.


    It's inspiring. I like it. Easy but complex, good for backgrounds, pads and atmospheres. Thanks!

    Isolation Collaboration26 October 2021