Sansula Kalimba

This is my original Sanusla Kalimba recorded with a pair of Beyer mics in X/Y configuration. I limited the voicing into the original. I like those limits that nature has....

The story

This is my first attempt to share instruments with the community. I’ve already downloaded lots of your contributions as I work in a studio where we have acoustics, mics and instruments,,.. I thought: why don’t you contribute to the community. So I’ve started with a simple and beautiful instrument. Limited to its original key range and with three round robins for each note.

Pd.: I’m a big fan of DecentS. It can work with Pro Tools at the studio and also in my iPad. Thanks! Hope one day it has tempo sync😊


Reviews for Sansula Kalimba

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  • A beautiful but literally limited Kalimba

    This kalimba possesses a fantastic character, one of my favourites actually, but unfortunately it has been programmed in a way that you can only access 8 notes with gaps inbetween. The actual notes are A2, C3, E3, F3, A3, B3, C4, E4, which you can argue limits you to play mainly around A minor and F major. There is also a slight white noise on the mid-attack of some samples which can be a little annoying on top of the playability limitations.

    Alex Raptakis23 April 2022