Piano Petit – Chupi’s Piano

This is my first attempt to sample this little gem we have in the studio. I should have call it Chupi's piano, as a dedication or just because he prepared or treated the instrument

The story

This little piano we have at the studio has been out of tune for years,… we love how it sounds like this.
Chupi used to play it adding thumbtacks to the hammers or other metal pieces. I remember him trying to mute the strings with his hands, arms and some clothes, while trying to emulate the muted sound of a Clavinet. It was a funky track, groovy,… but he was not reaching what he was looking for till the moment he put some tape on the strings and we end up with that special sound.
Hope you love it as us. Respect the piano tuning and play it as it is. Unique.

Now it has three round robins for each note and a release. I should have recorded the notes with the sustain pedal on, but I didn’t, so I miss the original sustain,…
to be shared soon.

It has been recorded with a pair of SM57 and a AEA RPQ mic pre.


Reviews for Piano Petit – Chupi’s Piano

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  • Good job sampling

    I think you did a great job sampling the piano. However, I am not a fan of the sound itself. Just my own personal taste. Especially the Note C4...(C3 in Decent sampler). It is a punchy spring sound that does not fit well.
    It sounds upclose and good, but I would rather have a standard piano sound. If it was I would be in love with this library!

    walnut26 May 2022
  • Tape-Paper Piano?

    The character of this piano is very different, and definitely unconventional. It's not as muted as a fully taped piano, and it's not fully open either. It really sounds as if it had pieces of paper around the strings - on some keys. Some keys sound more muted than others, some have a distinct "papery" texture (lower), and some sound as if they had nothing at all (mid-high). All-together, it sounds very interesting and funky, as the creator suggests, and the sampling is quite good.

    You might also be able to tell that there are release trigger sounds, but I noticed that they contain a long tail full of white noise, so I recommend simply deleting the sample files if you find those annoying (right now you can't control their volume). You will get an error while loading, but you can simply ignore it.

    Alex Raptakis30 May 2022