The story

This is a farewell to my childhood piano. (Carl Ecke, Berlin.)
Capturing the last breath of its voice.
I received this piano from an old neighbour when I was a kid.
He wanted to get rid of it because he never had the time and money to take care of it anymore.
My parents finally agreed that we take it, and it’s been in my family’s possession since then.
We couldn’t afford the restoration cost it would take to fix all the issues with it.
It was quite out of tune but still playable, and it has so much character. It’s been like this ever since.
Now is the time where I have to say goodbye.
I can’t take it with me because of the limited space, and my parents want it out of the house.
That’s when I decided to sample it. This is my first time sampling anything at all, and I learned a lot from Christians Videos.
I had a few tries at it and drove 3hrs by train almost every weekend since the last month, trying to figure everything out.
The main reason would be that I tuned the piano myself (Also my first time). I don’t know when it got tuned last time, but it feels like it’s been some decades.
I wanted to hear how it sounds in tune and be useful for my scoring.
After that, I spend a few days on holiday to get everything done. It was quite a challenge getting everything recorded.
(The piano is in the hallway, and the house isn’t quite as soundproof as you’d wish.. and of course, the tuning pins would snap back out of tune every now and then.)
Midway through, I decided to throw in some felt between the hammers and record a separate set of samples. I think it turned out quite well.
I am pleased about how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy the sound of it as much as I do!

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  • Great piano!!!

    I was wondering if you know why in DS, in the "home piano" preset, while activating the sustain it triggers a note!!! Do you know how to solve this?


    G GuevaraSamplist 25 May 2022
  • One of the best and unique pianos here

    While the extracted filesize of this entire instrument is 6GB, it's very well worth it, because this piano is very well made, but most importantly it has a very distinct sound that you need to check out yourself.

    The sampling job is excellent, the piano is noiseless, dynamic, with a very distinct sound signature. And even if that's not enough, it comes with some nice options in the GUI. And even if that's not enough either, it comes with an extra Felt patch. I have literally nothing to complain about. Good job!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Piano with soul

    Oh, man. Your emotional story underlines sound of your wonderful piano. It is great that you captured it for posterity, for you and for us. Very lovely and inspirational sound. Thank you!

    Michal Zeman12 October 2021
  • Beautiful tone and huge download size

    I always get excited with these bigger download sizes because it usually means more detail and deeper sampling. This piano is really amazing, super dynamic and characterful. It has that really beautiful old fashioned chorus type sound in the high end. Im so happy its so dynamic because most pianos on pianobook aren't very dynamic even if beautifully recorded. The felt and non felt options are also so useful to have. I usually go for felt but its awesome to have both. I dont hear ny noise buildup here either which is another huge plus. Overall this is a pretty amazing instrument.

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • Classy Piano

    I would rate this as having a higher sound quality, but it's lo-fi sound is the whole point. It's my favourite weird sounding piano to use

    Paperhouse12 October 2021
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