Toy Piano

This is the toy piano we have at the studio. With its round robins and release notes.

The story

I was thinking about sharing the instruments we have at the studio.

Here you have the toy piano we have in our studio. Hope you enjoy it. With round robins, release notes and a weird E that sounds like it is processed with a glitch machine,… things that happen while sampling.

As I’ve already said; with its natural limitations. So I didn’t expand the notes to lower or higher notes. As it is.

Hope you enjoy it.

Any comment will be welcomed.



Reviews for Toy Piano

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  • A nice toy piano with release triggers!

    This is a small little toy piano that has been sampled very well, that comes with a cute release trigger and a nice reverb. You will also find a tone/filter knob that is not bound to the modwheel by default as usual. It is just 2 octaves long and it comes with 3 round robbins, including the release trigger, which is great!

    It is mostly panned to the left, so keep that in mind while mixing it with other instruments.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022