Geoff Ereth’s Reviews

  • Bravo!

    The number of presets and creative configuration options really pushes this past the five star mark. thanks for all the effort that went into making this :)

  • An amazing contribution

    Wow!! This truly is an incredible sample pack. The phrases are so tasteful and cover an immense range of expression from 'delicate' to 'majestic'.

    Thanks for the extraordinary effort and for sharing the prototype.

    Woven Strings04 May 2022
  • What an incredible effort

    Woah there is such creative depth here. You truly can get lost in the weeds ( in the best sense ).

    After a quick watch of the walkthrough video you'll be able to get a hefty dose of inspiration and joy with minimal effort.

    There really is nothing quite like this on pianobook and I can only imagine the level of talent and genius required to craft this instrument. Thanks for this!

    In The Weeds10 May 2022
  • Wonderful!

    Wow the pad preset is really phenomenal and has vibe for days! The default envelope coupled with some ambitious pedal sustain make for some very gorgeous ambient textures and dissonance. I had trouble initially taming some energy in the lower mids but I think thats to be expected with this kind of harmonic content. thanks for making this!

    Magnus’ Cavendish12 March 2022
  • This is really fun to play and explore with!

    The colors of the more percussive plucked sources mixed tastefully with the piano makes this one very unique. Thanks for making this!