dtherrien’s Reviews

  • Just beautiful - one of the best I have in my collection

    Wonderful slow attack - great tones - I accidentally stacked a few and that was even more beautiful! Bravo!

    Winter Voices29 October 2021
  • Sweet sounds from my favorite instruments

    I have lots of Cellos in my virtual instrument collection, but this one feels very "realistic" and present. Well Done!

    Solo Cello Spurs29 November 2021
  • Sweet Viola tone and ambience

    I have a lot of Violas in my virtual instrument collection, but this is my new go-to option for that instrument. These samples produce such a rich tone and character.

    Soft String Spurs29 November 2021
  • Fils a gap very well in my brass instruments colleciton

    I have lots of brass instruments, but no Flugelhorn, so this fills a gap in my brass collection. Reverb and Delay controls are nice to have - really provides some inspirational ambience when I'm working on a new song.

    Dusty Flugelhorn29 November 2021
  • Great instrument - well sampled

    I did not have a Glockenspiel in my vast collection of instruments, so this filled that gap nicely. I remember hearing a glockenspiel on Springsteen's Born to Run, thinking how creative it was to add that color to a rock song.

    Frozen Glock29 November 2021