The story

Welcome to Solo Cello Spurs! Truth be told, during the last weeks of 2020, I’ve been recording a brand new sample library in with many modules and layers, due to be released soon! This library is the first in the series. The premise is simple, and plays homage to one of my most popular concept – short looped sections of indeterminate lengths that weave together into soft string spurs – evolutions that grow out of single notes!

Recorded in a whole-tone scale, SCS features three dynamic layers and two round robins per note. The first dynamic was recorded with a mute, L2 and L3 were recorded without a mute. This is compatible with Kontakt 5 and above but the WAVs can be imported into any sampler.

To set up a sampler of your own, set the sample start time to 23,000 samples, then set a loop between 23,000 and 369,000 samples with a gentle fade and adjust your attack and release until you have a sound that you’re happy with. For this version, I’ve set my attack to 150ms and release to about 700ms.

This instrument sounds best when used with delays and reverbs. The FX knob controls a convolution reverb built into the instrument, so adjust it where necessary to get the right sound for your productions!

Find out more about this library in the following video:

Reviews for Solo Cello Spurs

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  • Stunning!

    Just loaded this up for the first time, and it was immediately inspiring! Took no time to figure out how I would want to use this, how to play the instrument, and I just can't wait for an opportunity to add it to a project!

    RichCoburn21 December 2021
  • Another swelling-with-emotional string library from DK!

    This beautiful pack is one of the first samples that I downloaded from Pianobook. Swelling with emotion, beautiful capture of Cello. The sound is very unique and usually I use this library alone or mix with his other NFO orchestra library.

    Asuka Amane13 October 2021
  • Sweet sounds from my favorite instruments

    I have lots of Cellos in my virtual instrument collection, but this one feels very "realistic" and present. Well Done!

    dtherrien29 November 2021
  • Perfect spurs, perfect feels

    Since this is called Cello Spurs and not just Cello with an extra patch of Spurs, this is simply perfect. There are also some proper dynamics set for the mod-wheel, and there's also Expression bound on CC11 just like your typical Spitfire instrument. This goes super well with other similar libraries like the Soft Sring Spurs. I have no complains. Kudos to Dan!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Brilliant Cello Sounds

    This is amazing that it's free. Play it along with Cello Moods in LABS and you have Cello Magic!

    fozzee6907 May 2022
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