Solo Cello Spurs

Evolutions that grow out of single notes from a solo cello....

The story

Welcome to Solo Cello Spurs! Truth be told, during the last weeks of 2020, I’ve been recording a brand new sample library in with many modules and layers, due to be released soon! This library is the first in the series. The premise is simple, and plays homage to one of my most popular concept – short looped sections of indeterminate lengths that weave together into soft string spurs – evolutions that grow out of single notes!

Recorded in a whole-tone scale, SCS features three dynamic layers and two round robins per note. The first dynamic was recorded with a mute, L2 and L3 were recorded without a mute. This is compatible with Kontakt 5 and above but the WAVs can be imported into any sampler.

To set up a sampler of your own, set the sample start time to 23,000 samples, then set a loop between 23,000 and 369,000 samples with a gentle fade and adjust your attack and release until you have a sound that you’re happy with. For this version, I’ve set my attack to 150ms and release to about 700ms.

This instrument sounds best when used with delays and reverbs. The FX knob controls a convolution reverb built into the instrument, so adjust it where necessary to get the right sound for your productions!

Find out more about this library in the following video:


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  • A wonderful texture...

    Theres a beautiful undulating quality in the way this cello plays. It's not the full on thrumming style as seen in Dan's other libraries but it is a really nicely recorded cello sound with that bit of movement to it. Really Nice!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Brings out the melody

    Really nice way to start exploring some alternate rythm when scoring. Enjoying this a lot. Thanks!

    andrelaos18 October 2021
  • Perfect spurs, perfect feels

    Since this is called Cello Spurs and not just Cello with an extra patch of Spurs, this is simply perfect. There are also some proper dynamics set for the mod-wheel, and there's also Expression bound on CC11 just like your typical Spitfire instrument. This goes super well with other similar libraries like the Soft Sring Spurs. I have no complains. Kudos to Dan!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Systems cello

    The repeated bowing is great for building notes in a Steve Reich/ Jonny Greenwood kind of way to make a moving systems type of sound. Really well recorded

    Jim Sanger16 October 2021
  • Sorta Kinda Thrumming Cello?

    This cello, with its weaved together cello notes, has aspects that remind me of the Dan's other thrumming instruments- pulse-y, somewhat unpredictable and totally lovely. Also fun with a bit of Paulstretch!

    Just Bob16 October 2021
  • Lovely, inspring cellos with warmth and movement

    Found myself lost in this for a good while! Really inspiring with lovely movement that works well on its own but also is lovely as a bed for other instruments. Beautifully recorded too - love it!

    AndyBoland16 October 2021
  • Beautifully recorded cello!

    These samples make a great companion to Dan's Solo String Spurs, and increase the usability of that library exponentially. The samples are a little bass-heavy, but it's better to have those frequencies in there, because you can always EQ them out if you prefer. As with everything Dan does, these sound amazing!

    Sam Ecoff14 October 2021
  • Great for Layering

    While this is less usable on its own for me than soft string spurs and extras the way it pulses makes it really cool for layering on-top of other string patches. Very breathy and organic sounding and dynamic

    septemberwalk14 October 2021
  • Another swelling-with-emotional string library from DK!

    This beautiful pack is one of the first samples that I downloaded from Pianobook. Swelling with emotion, beautiful capture of Cello. The sound is very unique and usually I use this library alone or mix with his other NFO orchestra library.

    Asuka Amane13 October 2021
  • Quickening my pulse

    Love this sample pack. Right out of the box, it inspired a number of ideas. Immensely useful, especially in creating moody underscore with a bit of movement.

    William Hoshal13 October 2021