Denis Dion’s Reviews

  • de la grande émotion !

    Au rythme du coeur, de l'émotion pure en toute intimité. Bravo pour cette proposition qui porte un prénom à imaginer...

    Ultrasound Pad13 October 2021
  • ...un peu comme si on y était !

    I did discover this instrument with great interest and while playing it... it was very fun to discover what is under the hood. I feel it quite musical and, as the author wrote... we really feel the ambiance beeing in snow outside... Vraiment, une belle contribution au carrefour Pianobook... un instrument virtuel qui «souffle» l'émotion et l'imaginaire sous nos doigts ! Bravo et Merci...

    Snow19 October 2021
  • Fascinant - le hasard au bout des doigts!

    Such a pleasure to play and to be somehow amazed by the result... Not to forget Serenpidity Cluster for some more surprises Bravo - this is innovative and quite inspiring.

    Serendipity13 October 2021
  • La musique au bout des doigts !

    I already use some proposal by Angus Roberts-Carey and feel quite impressed by the quality, innovation and «audace» of all his proposals. It may not fit all anyone needs, but if you seek something unique and fun to play and evenmore... fun to create with... go by his site - ARC is a must !

    13 October 2021
  • Inspirant et musical !

    Bravo, quite amazing sound and software... The only thing I may suggest is... when opening the instrument there are no patch or sound already selected. That means that there is no sound coming from the instrument. User should find and select one of three proposal. I guess it would be simple to correct this issue... Bravo, belle contribution au «Carrefour» Pianobook et... Merci !

    Silentium Glaciei19 October 2021