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Dear Pianobook community,

My name is Luis Schmidt. I’m 16 years old and from Germany. I’m originally a trumpet player, but I got into conducting and composing (mainly orchestral works) some years ago, wanting to study music in the UK. Whilst we are all stuck at home due to lockdown, I thought about doing a sample project for Pianobook.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any great mic at home because they are all stored in my studio, which is located in another city. So, all the samples were recorded using an iPhone 12 – I know: not the greatest mic…

A collection of icy, calm, and pleasant sounds, ‘Silentium Glaciei’ (SG) has been created by sampling my flugelhorn, a water glass, and a violin, manipulated beyond recognition. The library consists of three articulations á three Round Robins and three Dynamic Layers morphed into pad instruments. SG, which is Latin and means ‘silence of the ice’, should recreate exactly this sound – soft, cold feeling, and almost motionless. This is the perfect addition to your sound-palette. Perfect for Scandinavian-type music – simply add these pads to achieve a more rounded and emotive effect.

Please see the walkthrough video for more details!

By the way: This is the first sample instrument I have ever created so please take my sincerest apology in advance for any problems that may occur.

I hope you’ll enjoy this library!
Luis Schmidt

## Release Notes:
– v 1.0: Initial release

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  • Spitfire-like perfection

    Not only the GUI tricks you to think this is a Spitfire Audio instrument, the quality of everything is right on par. It could easily fit inside the Albion Tundra collection.

    There is only one thing that might distract some users though:
    The default settings are not the best. At first, you get absolutely no sound, because no patch is really loaded until you press one of the three articulations. It should start automatically to the first one indicated as "normal".

    You will find "con sordino" and "windy" as the other two, and every one of them is quite different. You will also see 4 microphone settings in typical Spitfire fashion. The first is a custom mix, and the other three are the individual instruments, which are the Violin, Flugelhorn, and Glass - and each one is labeled properly as well! Continuing the Spitfire model, you will see Expression, Dynamics, Reverb and Release sliders, and trust me, you will need them!

    You can totally feel that this is created with love and passion by Luis, which back then was... 16 years old? Unbelievable. Cheers to you, friend!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Such a professional instrument

    Im happy im circling back around to review some instruments ive had downloaded for a while. I always just thought this instrument didn't work because no sound comes out when it opens up. Now reading others reviews i know that you have to select an articulation first. I guess part of me never thought there would be articulations like this in a free library and we also expect to be able to play an instrument right when we open it up. It should definitely come with a preset already selected when you open it up like all libraries do. Other than that this library is so amazing and professional. The GUI is so professional and looks just like spitfire. The articulation controls are so amazing. Its unbelievable that this instrument is free. This instrument provides a really emotional and dreamy sound. It blends really well with other orchestral stuff as well. Im gonna try to mix it in to my piece for the Hans Zimmer Contest. The added detail similar to spitfire libraries so so quality and appreciated as well. mic mixes, ADSR Amazing work. The fact that this is your first library is astounding.

    septemberwalk07 November 2021
  • Inspirant et musical !

    Bravo, quite amazing sound and software... The only thing I may suggest is... when opening the instrument there are no patch or sound already selected. That means that there is no sound coming from the instrument. User should find and select one of three proposal. I guess it would be simple to correct this issue... Bravo, belle contribution au «Carrefour» Pianobook et... Merci !

    Denis Dion19 October 2021
  • Cold as Ice

    Coming from Sweden the I am no stranger to the beautiful sounds coming from the ice. This makes me long for the winter months again. You have managed to create something truly unique. This is your first attempt... I can't wait to hear what you can do with a decent microphone.

    Ray25 October 2021
  • Great sounds, amazing GUI

    A+ GUI. Someone figured out how to make it look exactly like the Spitfire libraries! Impressive! Once you figure out that you have to select an articulation, you'll be all set. Until then, all you'll get is a whole lot of silence! It might have been better to have an articulation preselected, but this is honestly a minor detail. The sounds themselves are well recorded, and there a ton going on under the hood in this instrument. Clearly, lots and lots of time went into this. The sounds are really playable and inspiring. They are usable in a wide variety of musical situations, and this has got to be one of the top libraries on the PB site. Bravo!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 November 2021
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