Adin Kovacik’s Reviews

  • Blown Away Every Time

    Not only does this library SOUND also looks pretty pretty pretty pretty...pretty good. Cool to have different ways of blending the mics and SOme of the samples are just bananas. Great for dark ambient, textural backgrounds, groans, moans, all that good stuff. Layer with Hunter's Percussion FX and maybe a high plucked string like a sitar or dulcimer and you got yourself hours of inspiration.

    Thanks Hunter!

  • Take a eBow

    FAT low drones and nicely buzzy high-mids for something between a Blade Runner pad and a Harmonium.

    Super awesome GUI with FX controls (Shallow Water Pedal and a flock of Reverbs) as well as some filtering and modulations.

    Knocked it out of the park.

    SUPER SLEPT ON!!! Don't pass it by!!!

    Diddley ebow28 March 2022
  • OuT oF THiS WoRLd

    Breathtaking. Truly as advertised. Spacey and vibey. Resolution knob crushes and mangles in such a beautiful way. Tons of shaping options a la organ stops. Just gorgeous.

    Switch it on and drift off into the great beyond...

    NASA Space Pad29 March 2022
  • Unadulterated Groovy

    Soul and fun. The rich middle preset plus some overdrive makes for a fusion funk freight train. Sliders to control the stops is always a great feature too.

    Well done and thank you for sharing!

    Practice Organ28 March 2022
  • My Search Is At An End

    Really nicely recorded with GREAT dynamic range represented. I've been looking for years for a piano instrument that I like this much. Hard to put my finger on, but it feels more natural than many others to me, as if actually sitting at the keys in the hall. Ultra organic.

    Sonva Piano28 March 2022