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I’ve always loved the stark, fragile atmosphere of winter, and this year I was lucky enough to have several days of heavy snow in Leeds, UK. My goal for this instrument was to capture this atmosphere, using my field recordings of the snowfall in various locations in Leeds. The instrument comprises of pads and sound effects designed from my recordings. It also includes my not so virtuosic violin playing to add more depth to the main instrument. I’ve separated the sounds I’ve used into different combinations for ease of use. This is my first contribution to the Pianobook community, and hopefully, there will be many more. Happy composing!

[FREE] Feel Like Adding Snow To Your Productions? - Snow by Gabriel Ness

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  • ...un peu comme si on y était !

    I did discover this instrument with great interest and while playing it... it was very fun to discover what is under the hood. I feel it quite musical and, as the author wrote... we really feel the ambiance beeing in snow outside... Vraiment, une belle contribution au carrefour Pianobook... un instrument virtuel qui «souffle» l'émotion et l'imaginaire sous nos doigts ! Bravo et Merci...

    Denis Dion19 October 2021
  • Ethereal textured pad

    My favorite pianobook sample pack so far! The sound layers are a nice touch, the pad itself is also gorgeous and haunting. Very playable with easy to follow GUI.

    BrokenAboutMachines20 February 2022
  • Get it

    Simple to use and contains high quality, beautiful sounds. Perfect for ambient atmospheres, or add some effects to create dark tones. Love it.

    Shannon13 February 2022
  • Amazing Icy Tundra

    Im pretty blown away by this. The Pads have an amazing warm yet glassy/ icy sound that is nice and resonant but not in an overbearing way. the entire range sounds great in my opinion, i love the super lows, super highs and everything in-between. I often find the super highs on instruments like these piercing but not this one. I almost didn't notice the extras but theres some great stuff in there as well, a more pulsing version of the pad and an amazing scratchy violin tremolo that honestly sounds great. I agree with Alex, you definitely need to mention the mod wheel effect somewhere, i wouldn't have known about it unless i read his review first but it takes this instrument to a whole other level. I really wish the squaking bird wasn't included though. maybe you could update this without it cause i really love this otherwise. Im really impressed with this.

    septemberwalk29 October 2021
  • great atmosphere

    I think the creator of this patch did exactly what he set out to do. Which is create the sound of snow. It has an instant mood built into the sound which is absolutely unbeatable in terms of finding some inspiration for a track. The high end bits are so crispy and nice and snowy and light fluffy and crunchy really all of the good stuff you want there. My only qualm is the great textural sounds built into the pad aren't patched separately. (but a high pass filter will solve that).

    ryan weeksSamplist 03 December 2021
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