Alyssa H’s Reviews

  • Inspiring!

    I could play this instrument all day, it instantly puts me in a nostalgic mood. It's detuned nature sounds great for melodies but it really comes to life when playing chords. The 'rain' feature makes this one really unique. Yet another reason I can't believe Pianobook is free!

    Rainy Day Synth19 November 2021
  • Run these into some distortion!

    This kit is great. I produce a lot of R&B and this pack will definitely be useful for layering. They also take really well to processing, try running them into your favorite distortion. The kick, snare and hi-hats are especially good.

    Cassette Drums19 November 2021
  • So easy to get lost in

    Really nice collection of sounds, beautifully sampled. This instrument feels truly professional and rich. Would be nice to have a little more control but sound wise this is great!