Alyssa H’s Reviews

  • VHS vibes

    I love the sound of this instrument, especially when you turn up the 'rust' knob!!! It takes this synth right into nostalgic VHS vibes.

    Higher notes sound beautifully broken and the low notes are so smooth.

    The arpeggiator is a great addition and has already inspired me to start writing something new!

    RUST22 April 2022
  • Inspiring!

    I could play this instrument all day, it instantly puts me in a nostalgic mood. It's detuned nature sounds great for melodies but it really comes to life when playing chords. The 'rain' feature makes this one really unique. Yet another reason I can't believe Pianobook is free!

    Rainy Day Synth19 November 2021
  • Deep droooones

    I feel I could hold a note and listen to it for hours. Sounds lovely sustaining long, low notes whist playing melodies 4 octaves above.

    This would sound fantastic in a score! A keeper.

    In The Wind26 January 2022
  • Run these into some distortion!

    This kit is great. I produce a lot of R&B and this pack will definitely be useful for layering. They also take really well to processing, try running them into your favorite distortion. The kick, snare and hi-hats are especially good.

    Cassette Drums19 November 2021
  • Just what I needed!

    I was looking to add a singing bowl to a composition I was working on today and this library was just what I needed! Added a lovely texture and character to the ambiance of the track. Thank you!

    Singing Bowls17 June 2022