The story

Originating in the 90s as a preset on the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer, the ‘supersaw’ sound has become a staple across many genres of music. The Saw is an instrument born of my love for this sound.

Based around sawtooth waves multi-sampled from a eurorack 3340 style analog oscillator, The Saw allows you to move from a single rich sawtooth wave through to a giant sounding 8 voice detuned supersaw. Each voice is detuned resulting in a thick, luscious sound.

As you increase the number of voices each new voice is slightly more detuned than the last and spread across the stereo field (you can adjust how wide the synth gets with the spread control). The Saw is capable of huge bass and lead sounds in mono mode or thick poly synth sounds in polyphonic mode.

The Saw features two envelopes and a low pass filter to shape the sound further.


Reviews for The Saw

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  • This is perfect!

    I love this, truly. The sound is amazing, the sampling is tight and clean, the usability of the instrument itself via the GUI and performance controls are extremely well thought-out and useful, and it's just simply inspiring to play.

    I used this for a hook on a song I'm producing quite literally within minutes of downloading it. Thank you so much for making it!

    Jordan Rhys29 June 2022
  • Top-notch quality

    Echoing the other reviews here this synth really is top-tier quality. I would usually use Omnisphere for these types of sounds but A/Bing an Omnisphere super saw patch with this library I really prefer this one! It sounds raw and alive.

    The GUI is simple and intuitive. My only request would be the ability to choose different filter types but really I have no complaints.

    Thanks for these awesome sounds!

    Alyssa H30 June 2022
  • A complete saw!

    This is it, the complete experience of a saw-type of synth. It has everything you need - from different voices, to portamendo, to full envelope adjustment and more! This is everything you want from the saw wave, and all that, packed in a edgy and sharp (hehe) design. Beautiful!

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
  • What an absolutely classic sound

    What an absolutely classic sound. The fact that this is sampled rather than synthesized is all the more inspiring, it's absolutely authentic.

    The controls are perfect for this instrument (and I swear that the "voices" cog in the middle gently rotates when I'm not looking at it!) and the sound is so clean. I absolutely love it.

    QorbeQSamplist 28 June 2022