The story

In The Wind was created from an analog noise source running through resonant bandpass filters at various pitches. The resulting sound is organic, almost wind like and great for creating long ambient drones, layering amongst strings, or playing airy, nostalgic leads.

In the high octaves, it can sound fragile and sweet but play in the lower octaves for huge rumbling sub-basses. In The Wind sounds great with long attack and release times, but shorten these and push the tape flutter up for Mellotron-esque sounds.

The synth features tape-style saturation, alongside Wow and Flutter controls. There is Unison mode where you can create some huge sounds by stacking up to 8 detuned voices spread across the stereo spectrum with the spread control.


Reviews for In The Wind

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  • Absolutely in love!

    This is a fantastic and very unique synth-like instrument that uses a howling wind-like noise. It is presented in a very aesthetically pleasing way, with tons of options for altering the sound. You can quite easily go from a distorted and harsh synth lead to a smooth and chilling pad. Highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • Deep droooones

    I feel I could hold a note and listen to it for hours. Sounds lovely sustaining long, low notes whist playing melodies 4 octaves above.

    This would sound fantastic in a score! A keeper.

    Alyssa H26 January 2022
  • Winderful

    From haunting, delicate pads to quirky mellotron like sounds there's a lot in here once you start playing with the controls. Love it!
    I recommend saving different new versions once you find a setting you like.

    Jim Sanger25 January 2022