Jim Sanger’s Reviews

  • Sublime And Beautiful (And Not Scary)

    Probably my favourite pianobook instrument. One of my favourite string sounds of any library I own. Simply stunning.

    Scary Flautando Violin30 November 2021
  • Jaw Droppingly Good

    This is remarkable, one of the best pianobook instruments I've tried. I wrote a production track within ten minutes of trying it out. Just get it

    Harmonic Flights30 November 2021
  • Does it even need a review?

    Simply one of the best instruments on here. Made many of us think who's this Jon Meyer bloke? Truly inspiring

    Flute+Violin15 October 2021
  • As intimate as it gets

    This sounds so close I feel I should have taken Dave out for a drink before playing this. Best with headphones on

    Claustrophobic Piano16 October 2021
  • Glock Ice

    Pure as the driven Snow. Another beautifully captured instrument from Dan, maybe his best yet.

    Frozen Glock30 November 2021