The story

Recorded using a Neumann KM183 through a Neve Mic preamp this instrument explores how the intimate sound of flautando can descend into a scary mess of ricochet, glissando and percussive tapping.

Although the violin starts at G2 the samples are stretched down to give a fake cello sound. Open the mod wheel and increase velocity to get the scariest tones!

Thanks Kasia for the awesome violin playing!

Now housed in a brand new Kontakt Instrument. Enjoy!


Reviews for Scary Flautando Violin

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  • Sublime And Beautiful (And Not Very Scary)

    Probably my favourite pianobook instrument. One of my favourite string sounds of any library I own. Simply stunning.

    Jim Sanger11 December 2021
  • Don't be scared, it's pure gentleness and calm

    The sound quality is absolutely amazing ! From the lowest notes to the highest, it will create a soft and very delicate atmosphere like the misty forests of Christoph Berg - Paraphrases

    Oathr12 October 2021
  • Absolutely stunning

    This sound is a go to for me, im using it in a track right now. Since this is a violin i can only assume its been stretched in kontakt to cover such a wide range but it sounds amazing in the low end. Just holding out long chords sounds so good. Theres alot of variation happening in the sound that keeps in interesting and the kind of scratchiness you hear sounds so natural and organic. I wish more high end string libraries would capture this. No complaints here, this is awesome

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
  • Scarily amazing

    This violin instrument is something that could exist inside LABS, or even in a Spitfire Originals series. It is so great that you have to see it yourself. Every time you press a single key, chills may go down your spine. It will fit perfectly in many scenarios. Unfortunately there are no customization options, and no GUI to at least drive your visual instincts a little bit. In my personal opinion, this is a must-have instrument.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Love it

    This one is a great example of what we all should aspire to produce. I could get lost for hours playing this library.

    lukevaljean29 September 2022
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