Sounds from the Kitchen Vol. 2: Synth Chair

Sounds from the Kitchen Vol. 2: Synth Chair


Can you make a synth-like sound out of a kitchen chair? Well, yes, apparently!

Similarly to the Drinking Glass, I sampled one of my mum’s kitchen chairs, specifically I hit the narrow beams making up the back of the chair with my fingernail.
This particular sound was made from a sample created by recording my fingernail going up the beams, in a “harp glissando” fashion. I did that three times, so I got mp, mf and f samples, if you will. However, I did not use the mp sample for these patches.

The initial idea was to make an “infinite glissando” patch, at which I failed miserably: after denoising the sample a bit, I applied some pitch shifting to it, and a very generous amount of delay and reverb. Unfortunately, I did not really achieve the “infinite glissando” effect I was going for.
However, a happy accident happened, after importing the sample into Kontakt 5: within the Source section in the Group editor, one can pick between DFD, sampler, and a few more options. I went for one of the Time Machine options, and the original glissando started to sound like a synthesiser! I was absolutely baffled, but I thought it was something quite extraordinary, therefore I decided to resample it and make a similar, softer sounding patch with the resamples.


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