The Thump’s Reviews

  • This is rad!

    The perfect library for a rivethead like me to use. I love the on/off sounds and the first time I played with the granular control, I laughed with delight. I love the GUI design, the shaping controls make it musically useful - not just a sound design tool - and I'll definitely be using it in some compositions.

    I also really like how you took the time to thank the Discord server users for their assistance - I love how pianobook is such a supportive community!

    Thanks for releasing this!

    The Deep Sampled Hoover21 November 2022
  • Simply Charming

    I thought this pack was great, especially the 'Old Piano' preset! I appreciate the "in-the-moment" nature of how you recorded it, along with your approach to manipulating the original samples (and describing your process). GUI was on-point, and I'm totally 'stealing' that changing background trick from you! :D

    Good stuff, keep at it!

    Coolla – Lofi Piano16 November 2022