The story

Welcome to my first library making experience, which started over a year ago.
The original samples were recorded in a piano in an empty room, in the place I took piano classes (for only 5 months) at. I recorded the samples using my trusty LG phone, which was laying on top of the piano. Surprisingly, the samples didn’t seem to be that bad, and the room had some nice, natural reverb. I, of course, only recorded one sample each 5 steps. So that means, no round-robins or velocity layers. Again, I recorded the samples knowing I was doing it wrong, but I thought it would be a cool experiment to do, considering I was studying to enter music school. So with the samples being recorded about a year ago, I decided to finish it off and close the book on this chapter, making some more patches — 5 to be exact — remixing the original samples, with some simple reverbs, delay funkyness and pitching.
The Library was made for DecentSampler because first, I do not own Kontakt, so it made no sense for me to do that. Second, I only got the idea to record some semi-forgotten piano in a dark room in the back of the place I took classes at because I found out about DS and how easy it was to create a library (and also how free it was). Simple code is always game for my not-at-all-programmer brain. So just as a test I recorded one layer of samples from that one piano, and so here we are.



Reviews for Coolla – Lofi Piano

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  • Much more than a lofi piano!

    This is almost like a small synth with five original and surprisingly weirdy sounds. The piano is fine but the keys and pads are great as well. If you need an original sound then this is what you shall use. And I love the GUI!

    Jaime's Tone19 November 2022
  • amazing song

    the sounds are very softly and beautifuly, good sounds and excellent work!

    ggve16 November 2022
  • Great sounds

    One of those sample packs you open up and really enjoy hearing. Love the lofi piano.

    VonThrasher07 April 2023
  • Simply Charming

    I thought this pack was great, especially the 'Old Piano' preset! I appreciate the "in-the-moment" nature of how you recorded it, along with your approach to manipulating the original samples (and describing your process). GUI was on-point, and I'm totally 'stealing' that changing background trick from you! :D

    Good stuff, keep at it!

    The ThumpSamplist 16 November 2022