The story

I stumbled on the DecentSampler format, and quickly became fascinated with how easy it was to use. I’ve been rolling my own one-shots for a very, long time, and I realized the format would make it easy to share with other creators. So, here we are Enjoy!

This is version one; I anticipate expanding the “Things I Dropped” collection in the near future.


Reviews for Things I’ve Dropped

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  • A fun set of sounds for your arsenal

    Good-quality recordings of some interesting sounds. Boomy, clicky, twangy, and woody; I find myself trying to guess where some of these sounds originated.

    The reverb and filter controls provide a lot of utility, and the perception of each sound can be markedly different based upon these settings.

    In a use case where I was playing through this instrument solely to experience the sounds within, I found myself wishing there were more round robins and/or a random implementation of the samples that do have round robins, but I'm certain that in a song or sound effects scenario within a larger context, these concerns would be lessened.

    I like the idea the creator mentioned in the story; of expanding upon this set of sounds. I look forward to hearing what else is in store!

    Jake Hendriksen12 November 2022