thomekk’s Reviews

  • An arp with finesse

    I have to join the choir of praises here. Not only the GUI is extraordinairy. The better: All functions here with their clever color coding plus the randomise functions give a loads of fun and usefullness. Simple and powerful. Really great!

    Beep Boop31 October 2021
  • Lovely flute

    As a recorder collector here too, this is the first time I've heard of the Garklein. This has a really great tone, is sampled very well and just fun playing it. Thanks for this!

    Garklein29 October 2021
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Not always a pad fan here. But this collection has really pristine and unique sounds, which are absolutely fun to play.
    I layered all of them and this is really a heavenish sound. Each pad is also great on its own. Very well done and thanks a lot for that work.

    Americana Tapestries21 December 2021