The story

This DIY sample pack was originally inspired after taking a course in coding. I’ve always been interested in different ways the voice can be manipulated and wanted to try and make an instrument with vocal samples. My colleague liked to sing, so with her patience I recorded some samples of her to load into the Kontakt sampling instrument. Realizing I didn’t have many samples to work with and I was too bashful to bother her for more studio time, I began intentionally messing around with looping her one-shot “oohs”, embracing the digital artifacts that came from aggressive manipulation. From there, I kept seeing what other tricks I could mess with that I liked the sound of, resulting in the three knobs you’ll find on this instrument. I heavily relied on the manuals and youtube videos to figure out what I was doing, and made many calls to my brother who is smart at math for help in finding solutions to bugs. This is my first VST, and I’m inspired to learn and do more from my experience.


Reviews for Vocal Organ

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  • Slick little patch!

    Awesome instrument - you can really dial in some evocative tones. Surprising range and versatility given its simplicity.

    lwilder18 October 2022
  • GOOD !

    a very interesting tool, I have a lot of fun with it
    congratulations and thank you

    saad19 May 2023
  • Simple and effective

    Thanks for this!
    This is an example for an idea very well transfered into something useful.

    thomekk20 October 2022
  • Mysteries of the past :-)

    You need some sounds for a 1930 sci-fi movie? Crank the red knob up and get it, instant transportation in time and space!

    FLH306 October 2022
  • Song to the Siren

    This sample instrument is capable of both basic Liz Frazer loveliness and some proper Delia Derbyshire modulating madness and a few places in between.Though the possibilities are not exactly endless and the clicky samples and dynamic extremes need some judicious management, this is definitely worth downloading for those times when you need something different in the vocal department.

    TheButlerDeclines19 October 2022
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