QorbeQ’s Reviews

  • Lovely instrument

    Dan does it again. This is an absolutely flawlessly sampled instrument, and eminently playable from the get-go.

    Frozen Glock30 October 2021
  • Cracking piano

    Well, sometimes free is too expensive for a sound library, but in this case it's way too cheap.

    Such a gorgeous sound.

    Evergreen Performance25 January 2022
  • Gorgeous low tones

    I have had great fun playing with this, and such a varied collection in one library. Such a clean sound for low tones like this, I usually find things getting very muddy. Gave me quite a bit of inspiration having this library last night.

    Mother of Lows24 January 2022
  • Lovely instrument

    Well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed having a bit of a diddle with Anne-Marie, so to speak.

    I really liked the character and, whilst it is very easy to overdrive with the mic controls, that kind of thing can be useful when stacked with effects and pushed into the background so it's no bad thing.

    Anne-Marie the Hohner T16 December 2021
  • Oh my word!

    Oh my word indeed. This sample pack is huge and it shows.

    The level of detail and realism I'm feeling playing this is almost overwhelming. I actually have tears in my eyes it's so good, to the point that hitting the keys too softly elicits nothing but the gentle sound of the mechanical arm moving, whilst whacking them firmly gives that classic overstruck tone.

    Absolutely bravo.

    The Grand Toy Piano24 May 2022