QorbeQ’s Reviews

  • Great sounds

    This is a massively useful collection of sounds and I've throughly enjoyed playing around with them.

    If I had a wish, it would be that there was a GM-pattern drum kit rather than assembling my own from the sounds.

    Oh wait - could there actually be a kit available for leaving a review - we shall find out!

    EDIT: Yes and so much yes. Not only is it mapped kits - and not only are they majestic and almost every kind of kit you could need - there's a sequencer built in! Oh my how you've excelled...

    Sam’s Drawers 205 December 2022
  • Superb

    This is sublime, not least because it's a first-shot at making a Pianobook instrument.

    So much effort was put into making this just the way he wanted. Immortalising such a personal instrument for your own use is one thing, but to then give that work away freely for everyone to enjoy is magical - just the way Pianobook is supposed to be.


    (Editing my review just to add - this is 100% my go-to piano when I want to occupy myself. Chuck a bit of reverb on and I get totally lost in it. Thank you Brian!!!)

  • Amazing

    An absolutely amazing sonic playground in just one sample pack. It's like a Pianobook version of Spitfire's eDNA Earth! Hit that cog the moment you open one of the NKIs to watch the automated magic taking place and to see that you don't just get that one sound - you get loads!

    Pick and choose the mix between two patches yourself or let the auto-doodad thing work it's own kind of magic. The sounds you get are absolutely stunning. I sincerely don't have a favourite among them as they're all superb. Pro level sounds for zero outlay (provided you have an appropriate paid version of Kontakt, obviously).

    pOrtals14 October 2022
  • Sublime, yet again

    As is to be expected from Cameron, this is a perfectly curated set of sounds from an analogue source, yet again giving access to an amazing palette for those of us without the resources to buy the hardware ourselves.

    The GUI gives exactly the right controls for shaping the sounds without going overboard on dials and sliders and has been beautifully designed.

    08 November 2022
  • Superb piano

    I'm an absolute sucker for great piano sounds and this one is no exception.

    Its title is perfect - its so soft, mellow, emotive. It's like playing a piano made of marshmallow.

    Softify Piano Vol 127 September 2022