The Imperfect Drummer’s Reviews

  • Takes me back to my college days

    What a great sample pack! The standard version took me right back to my college days where the music building was filled with piles of Wurlitzer practice pianos in various states of disarray. I still kick myself for not looking into buying one as they phased them out. Anyway, I'm rambling now lol. If you want a nice, vintage Wurlitzer sound, this is it.

    And I was pleasantly surprised at the DreamliTzer version as it makes a really nice Pad. The fun interface just adds a little personal touch. If I had any complaints it would be the interface. Not how it looks, but the measurements on the dials and things. I wasn't sure exactly what some of them did. That said, it also encourages exploration and isn't that hard to learn what does what with a little messing.

    WörliTzer09 August 2022