The story

For those that prefer imperfect, softer, moody pianos with compressed velocity ranges, I decided to just convert one of my performance instruments into a soft piano. I could have made a nice story to sell the history of the instrument, or how much the sound means to me, but it would all be a lie. It’s literally a semi-concert grand toned down to be a soft piano.

Enter – the “Softify Button”, simply engage the button to turn a semi-concert grand into the moody cinematic instrument of your dreams!

Note: since I used Kontakt tools to create this instrument from raw semi-concert grand samples, I had to re-sample the library to make a SFZ version. Thus, the SFZ version does not share the same sample set and also no controls.

And if you like the sound of the semi-concert grand when you turn off the “Softify Button”, try out The Experience – Yamaha S6 library, which is where the samples come from, with many more mics and controls.


Reviews for Softify Piano Vol 1

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  • Wow

    The piano is amazing, even without the soft version. It sounds incredible just on it's own.

    Sacha8823 January 2023
  • Superb piano

    I'm an absolute sucker for great piano sounds and this one is no exception.

    Its title is perfect - its so soft, mellow, emotive. It's like playing a piano made of marshmallow.

    QorbeQSamplist 27 September 2022
  • Fantastic sound, could use some polishing

    This is a fantastic library, and I'll certainly be using it in some way. I'd say it's my 1st or 2nd favorite here in sound/character alone. The tone is great, I can't hear any noise even when stacking many notes; it stands out here.

    Which makes me sad that the playability is somewhat lacking. In velocities 60 and under especially, the inconsistency in volume and tone is very noticeable. Given the quality of this library otherwise, I think it's still manageable and worth giving some time to craft around it.

    Comes with release noise, and damper noise sliders, which work and sound great. The detune slider is a great addition and sounds perfect

    Overall a great library, would love to see it polished more, but still a fantastic addition to your piano library collection.

    Toasterberry08 August 2022
  • The magical switch

    Dore Mark continues to amaze me with his incredible and trully unique ideas, and with their perfect implementations. This time it's about a very soft piano, that comes with all the extras, such as user-adjustable release trigger noises, a reverb, and two fx, saturation and detune, which both sound very nice. There's also the magical switch that gives you the other side of the piano's character, which is a bright, confident one, instead of the shy, soft felt that you get by default. On a weird note, the settings revert to the default once you press the button, so keep that in mind.

    As an important note, this single download gives you access to both Kontakt and Sforzando files. For some reason, the samples are included twice, and since this is a very deeply sampled instrument, the size literally doubles, from 1GB to 2GB, which is fairly important, so consider deleting whichever you won't use - you can always download it later anyway!

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022