PavlovsCat’s Reviews

  • A beautiful lo-fi library.

    I'm a huge fan of lo-fi sounds like the Mellotron and this library is a great addition to my collection. It's easily at the quality level of paid/commercial libraries and better than many that I've paid for. My thanks to Peter Flint. You did a superb job on this and I appreciate you giving it away for free.

    Relic Keyboard13 October 2021
  • Another Beautiful Library from Dan Keen

    First, I love the glockenspiel the instrument itself. I played drums in the school band as a kid, but I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to play the glockenspiel. I own a physical glockenspiel and several glockenspiel sample libraries and after playing this, it instantly became one of my favorites. The glockenspiel samples without any effects sound excellent, but when you use the included effects, it sounds gorgeous. Dan is among my favorite samplists in this community. When he shares a library, I don't hesitate to download it. And this one is another winner. It sounds beautiful and was carefully sampled and is very playable. I was so inspired by its sound with the effects on that within minutes of trying it out I started composing a song. If Dan ever decided to release a deep-sampled version of this library, it would be well worth paying for. Great job, Dan. Thank you so much.

    Frozen Glock26 October 2021