Mreenal Mams’s Reviews

  • Simple & Beautiful

    I love it when things are simple. It's got 2 beautiful sounds. And hence I love it. I don't need to worry too much about so many options & which sounds to pick. It's like I can just get down to playing and improvising. The 2 sounds are beautiful. One low & one high. One tiny complaint I could have though I'm nitpicking here is that the mapping could have been slighly better. I would have prefered the low sound to be on C & high one on D, but here it is the opposite. Also would have been greater if it was mapped C1 & D1. That way I would have been able to use the pads on my Midi Keyboard Novation Launchkey Mini without going into the custom mode. It is possible to change the notes on my pads by going into Novation software, but I rather just play them on the keys, than going into those pesky settings.. All in all this is perfect and I love it.. More folk instruments please..

    Andean Bombo17 October 2021