Mreenal Mams’s Reviews

  • Beautiful

    Amazing.. I love libraries that can make me play/practice for a long time.. This sounds beautiful.. And with the reverb knob it comes out alive.. I was also having fun with the attack knob, by taking it to about 10 o clock, it was sounding like it was hit with a softer stick/beater. And at about 12 o clock or more, it sounded like it was bowed.. I didn't get much use of the tone knob. I could hear the difference but didn't find them as making a huge difference. Also placement of the knobs was a little awkward. I almost didn't see it (especially with the black and white backgound).. But sound/inspiration wise this is a perfect piece..

    Ornamental African Banjo26 February 2022
  • Simple & Beautiful

    I love it when things are simple. It's got 2 beautiful sounds. And hence I love it. I don't need to worry too much about so many options & which sounds to pick. It's like I can just get down to playing and improvising. The 2 sounds are beautiful. One low & one high. One tiny complaint I could have though I'm nitpicking here is that the mapping could have been slighly better. I would have prefered the low sound to be on C & high one on D, but here it is the opposite. Also would have been greater if it was mapped C1 & D1. That way I would have been able to use the pads on my Midi Keyboard Novation Launchkey Mini without going into the custom mode. It is possible to change the notes on my pads by going into Novation software, but I rather just play them on the keys, than going into those pesky settings.. All in all this is perfect and I love it.. More folk instruments please..

    Andean Bombo17 October 2021
  • Peculiar but not sure how I'd use it

    It's certainly peculiar. David's video from youtube made me wanna check it out. I tried it. The dry signal sounds good, but I didn't particularly like the FXd ones. Just my personal taste. Regarding the dry one, it's interesting though I don't know if I'd find use for it. I guess its more of a personal thing. If it was my toothbrush, I'd definitely be using it. Since it would be an article that has a personal connection to me. But just based on the sonic aspect of it, it's nothing unique. Sounds like a basic synth sound. But great idea by David.

    Sonic Toothbrush15 December 2021
  • Didn't work for me

    I guess my expectations were a little too high.. I play the sitar and got curious seeing this library on pianobook.. Checked it out.. I'd say the character of the sitar comes more with bends rather than just straight up notes. So I guess it didn't work for me. Maybe if I didn't think of it as sitar, and just thought of it as a random/unknown instrument I might have liked it..

    Abecedarian Sitar26 February 2022