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As of this September, the people of Iran have risen against the dictator regime of the Islamic Republic following the event of death of Mahsa Amini who was brutally murdered and beaten to death by the morality police of this regime. Since then, there have been almost protests and strikes every day throughout the whole country. In my role as an Iranian musician, I consider it my duty to be the voice of my people and to amplify their voices as well as to immortalize the sounds of this beautiful and brave revolution.

My request to you is to talk about us and raise awareness about our country and the situation that we’re in. You can start now by creating music with these sounds and telling people about the origin of the sound or just talking about Iran with your friends.


Farmehr Farsian


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  • Amazing and Inspirational!

    Thank you for bringing awareness of what's happening in Iran!

    Yuri05 December 2022
  • Nice Job bro.

    I was surprised to see that you posted a sample of Iran's past protests. Undoubtedly, each of us has lost our loved ones in these protests or we are worried about them, what happened to them in the prisons of the Islamic Republic. In the hope of Iran's freedom

    madmofrz19 December 2022
  • Very important

    I think this is right now, the most important library in the whole site, as it hold within such an important and crucial story. Turning these sounds into a playable instrument is a beautiful 'weapon' that can be used against oppression. I would like to request any musician reading this to make something with this instrument and share it out to the world with the message about what is happening in Iran. I hope we get to see a free and liberated and peaceful Iran very soon.

    Mreenal Mams29 November 2022
  • When they said her name

    This is such a fascinating way to raise awareness. It's hard to describe, this straightforward VST conveys a deep sadness and longing that's more than just a typical reverb/manipulation heavy choir sound. Just dripping with emotion in the right register. Farmehr has designed a really inspiring instrument. A very specific sound that I think will resonate with a lot of musicians. But I really think the source of the sound helps in conveying that emotion.

    I might be biased from knowing the source of the sounds, but there's also something uniquely heart wrenching and haunting about hearing the specific voices and sounds of this movement in this way.

    Now from a practical perspective.This instrument focuses on a heavily manipulated/saturated/reverb-y sound. That classic organic sound with synth like manipulation that most of us here have a soft spot for. This manipulation of the human voice has been done before, but the way it's manipulated and the strange shimmering harmonics definitely give it a unique sound/feel.

    There are three instrument types: Choir, horn, tonal. I'd recommend starting by playing around with the choir. That "haunted" manipulated voice sound is gorgeous, especially in the lower registers.

    A0-E3(ish) is where the instrument effortlessly sounds the best, especially with the choir sounds. The vst sounds great in the higher registers, but (this leads to my main critique) you can hear some slight synthetic manipulation up there. This is mainly seen in beginnings and edges of those added harmonics. There are some vibrant metalic tones that sound gorgeous, but they have a rigid quality if played too quickly or in sequence in the higher registers. You'll get the hang of these quirks quickly, and when you work around them, there's a really lush soundscape you can paint with using these higher registers for sure.

    I think you'll easily work around these limitations. The attack and release knobs are there as well. Presets are great, but I'd recommend having a few settings on hand for different registers. I strongly recommend you give this a try. I started by just letting the instrument take me where it wanted to go. It's been really inspiring so far.

    Thanks Farmehr, I hope people do use this VST and talk about its origin. #MahsaAmini

    smarka23 November 2022
  • Amplifying the voice of struggle

    Farmehr has done something wonderful here. An ingenious, celebratory and subversive act. I suppose he is right to say this is not a "practical" library but to use these samples with attention is to imagine the actions of many brave women and (I have proud to say) men.

    martiman23 November 2022
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