ARTA’s Reviews


    I just downloaded it haven't even played it but just from hearing the youtube video i can tell its gonna be fire and I'm inspired already great sonics my ears are in love

    Omni-8421 October 2023
  • Bro You don't miss

    I haven't found one pack by you i didn't instantly like in the first 2 seconds of hearing it please bring more

    Stainless Steel Pan Lid21 October 2023
  • Instant Inspiriation

    Thank you simply thank you.

    Opus RMIF21 October 2023
  • Thats a wrap

    Another banger, you don't miss. I am loving these freaking sonics!

    Elektronika EM0421 October 2023
  • YOOOOO!!

    Mind blown my brain can't even handle processing how good these sonics are. Instant banger please more.

    Synthphony 321 October 2023