septemberwalk’s Reviews

  • Spitfire Quality

    With so many pianobook libraries its easy to get lost and forget about libraries. Even though i had this one downloaded it wasn't on my radar but I'm definitely gonna have to remember it now. These textures are so beautiful and interesting, they sound like something out of a spitfire library. All the vibrato and imperfections really makes these stand out. They also kind of have that vintage slightly radio like quality that you would hear in older movie scores like superman. My only wish is that this extended to a lower range but no complaints this is really awesome. The attack and release of the samples are set in such a way where you can play little melodies inside the chords and they sound really natural, not like a longs articulation sometimes does where the notes start and stop more like a synth. Awesome job here. The GUI is also great with a good amount of tweak able options.

    12 November 2021
  • Dan Doesent Miss

    Dan really doesn't miss. Ive been following him since soft string spurs and its so awesome to see him working for spitfire. His instruments are some of my favorite on Pianobook and I think he has a great ear for sampling. This instrument is beautiful. The way the mallet hits the bell has such a pleasing realistic transient sound and the round robins sound awesome. This instrument also has an awesome dynamic range as well a huge note range, sounding awesome way down low and way up high. Im working on a piece right now inspired by the first Harry Potter movie where i use a celeste. I really like the mechanical noises of the celeste so i don't think I'm going to replace it with this but i might layer this in for added tone.

    Frozen Glock26 October 2021
  • LABS

    If im not mistaken this instrument was turned into a spitfire labs instrument, it deserves it too. Its so realistic, the breathiness and vibrato from both the strings and the flute create such an emotional and beautiful texture. Olafur Arnalds Chamber evolutions was the first high end library i bought and i can report that although of course you get alot more articulations and stuff with that library, this is pretty on par with that. Definitely one of the best free strings instruments around, espicially for that soft, icelandic neo classical vibe

    Flute+Violin14 November 2021
  • Absolutely Beautiful

    The Tone of this instrument is so chill and beautiful. It sounds like something you would hear in outer space. This is probably the west wine glass tool kit of sorts on pianobook. The pads are warm and chill but still have that glassy quality to them. They slightly pulse and evolve for interest. I would maybe like even more of the glassy top end, maybe controllable on the GUI but its still very beautiful. You also get some little transient type hits which cut through but are still pretty hill and sweet. The GUI is simple but looks nice. Theres so much inspiration to get out of this library and with all the different patches you could write a whole cue with just this

    Niue10 November 2021
  • Beautiful Realistic Longs

    This is a beautiful patch that i think sounds as good if not better than some longs winds articulations in spitfire libraries. The tone is very mellow and reedy and it sounds extremely realistic to play as a long articulation with evolving chords and slow melodies. The GUI is nicely designed, simple but effective and pleasing to look at. This is a very simple instrument but does extremely well what its meant to do. I don't mind the limited range, i think it sounds more natural this way, maybe a pitch stretched version could have been included as a separate nki but we have enough of those instruments on the site. This is a really great sound, i plan to use this soon. It actually sounds like a winds longs patch as opposed to a pad made from winds which i think is rare on pianobook , not saying the pad instruments are bad, i love them but its really cool to have this as well.

    Subtle Clarinet30 October 2021