Subtle Clarinet

A soft, subtle clarinet sample with an ebb-and-flow dynamic texture....

The story

Welcome to Subtle Clarinet, my first ever sample instrument.

During my time at Falmouth University, it came as a bit of a surprise to me as to just how many of my course mates were interested in, and wanted the sound of a clarinet as part of their projects in some form or another.

Instead of using my clarinet to only play classical pieces which I had done prior, I was able to experiment with it in ways I had never considered before. As I learnt more about DAW and filtering live instruments through software, the idea of using a clarinet’s warm, rustic sound to create interesting soundscapes, experimenting with multiphonic notes, breathing techniques and improvisation really appealed to me. Since graduating, it has left me wanting to continue to utilise this beautiful instrument for everything that it is and has potential to be.

Here, I have created a soft, subtle clarinet sample with an ebb-and-flow dynamic texture. I tried to really highlight its natural, woody sound to add a new and interesting layer to a musician’s work. I recorded this very simply, in my living room, with the only microphone I currently possess: An M-Audio Luna.

I also hope that, from stretching myself creatively and stepping out of my comfort zone, it may encourage more female composers and musicians to explore and utilise this fantastic platform!



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  • One of my favourite instruments at pianobook

    Super inspiring sound, I have used it in my scores since the first day. Thanks for this amazing library!

    J. M. Quintana Cámara20 October 2021
  • Really wonderful clarinet!

    Love this take on the clarinet! It's instantly playable, well recorded, and highly usable. This sample pack makes me want to use clarinet in musical situations that I wouldn't have otherwise considered using it. This is a pretty awesome first offering, with pro-looking photos and documentation. So happy I discovered this pack!

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Soothing lows!

    What I loved about this one was the lows, as if you were to play an ambient pad. The highs are ok too, but they seem a little too unbalanced compared to the very soothing low range. In general there is juuust a little bit of noise, but that's part of how wind instruments are sampled. I believe that this instrument would sit very well in a calm or sad sequence. Jeez it reminded me of the movie Manchester By The Sea out of nowhere... ANYWAY, finally a good GUI that matches the nature of the instrument perfectly! You won't find too many options though. I have to admit that the Expression works great with the modwheel and the release trigger, something that many get it wrong and defeat its purpose. Very nice overall!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Resonates with texture

    It changes, it resonates, it screeches in just the right way. What a beautiful library to use for building soundscapes and tension in a very simplistic fashion.

    Ef Nerva16 October 2021
  • Subtle and Intimate Clarinet Goodness

    Very few clarinet samples work well at all, even very good ones. As a clarinet player this is especially frustrating to me. This extremely subtle approach is hauntingly magical. It's breathy but without being irritatingly so and it avoids the ugly "honkiness" that clarinet samples can so easily have. The subtly evolving texture makes it even more special. It's like the ghost of a clarinet sound. Gorgeous. Some of the round robins are a bit uneven in execution, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing in this case.

    Solfegiste14 October 2021
  • Extra Flavour

    Love the way this patch swells into the notes, great for adding some extra colour to a track. Beautiful soft sound :

    ryanlafford13 October 2021