Solfegiste’s Reviews

  • Hauntingly evocative of the Highlands

    One of those samples that makes you want to immediately write something around it, which I did, having never thought this would be an instrument that would inspire me. Wonderfully playable especially in terms of being able to create the ornaments that are the key to making it sound authentic. Terrific in a pared-back musical setting, but also glorious as the top line riding out over a huge orchestral bed. Love it.

    Uilleann Pipes14 October 2021
  • Subtle and Intimate Clarinet Goodness

    Very few clarinet samples work well at all, even very good ones. As a clarinet player this is especially frustrating to me. This extremely subtle approach is hauntingly magical. It's breathy but without being irritatingly so and it avoids the ugly "honkiness" that clarinet samples can so easily have. The subtly evolving texture makes it even more special. It's like the ghost of a clarinet sound. Gorgeous. Some of the round robins are a bit uneven in execution, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing in this case.

    Subtle Clarinet14 October 2021
  • Huge, inspiring, surprising textures

    Really enjoying the possibilities of this. The sound is massive, epic, and the evolutions are great. One issue I do have is that with the Noise knob turned up full the default, and where you get the best value out of the whole thing there is a problematic "click" on the release. Would be great if there could be a fix for this.

    Hildur’s Harpsichord14 October 2021