dafingaz’s Reviews

  • Dan Has Created Another Gem!

    Incredible library that blends organic, natural sounds with pads. You can create really peaceful soundscapes with this. Highly recommended!

  • Incredible Piano Sound

    With hundreds and hundreds of pianos to choose from, it's hard now to rank high in the Pianobook "piano" charts. However, "The King's Upright" deserved to be up there. Dan has sampled the intricacies of a beautiful piano. In fact, my demo for this is the basis for an EP I'm working on with 2 incredible singers. So...there's that. LOL. Enjoy!

    The King’s Upright26 October 2021
  • Great String Tone!

    I don't know what libraries have the most demos before the demo submission policy changed, but if the number of demos for this one are any indication, this might be one of the most useful libraries on Pianobook. Great string sound. Especially if you blend with the "extras" that Dan has put together. I can see these sounds finding a home in various projects. Download yours now!

    Soft String Spurs26 October 2021
  • My First Review: Here's Why

    I purposely made this my first official review. Having demoed over 500 Pianobook instruments, this one seems to have stuck in my memory the most. I really can't find a fault in it. It has an incredible unique sound that inspired me as soon as I opened it up. I highly suggest you check out Serendipity!

    Serendipity12 October 2021
  • Great Snapshot Of The Pianobook Ethos

    This pianolith is an incredible snapshot of what Pianobook is and represents. While it would now be almost impossible to create a pianolith of EVERY pianobook instrument, when "Pianolith" came out, it was the perfect idea: blend up to 4 different or the same Pianobook instruments and also have envelop and effects per sound. I would highly recommend Pianolith actually as the first Pianobook instrument for someone looking to get their Pianobook "feet" wet.

    Pianolith12 October 2021