dafingaz’s Reviews

  • Bell like sound

    Nothing new with the sound here. Peaceful pad sound. Can be used in many different ways. Use this and layer it with a peaceful choir or peaceful strings for a nice relaxing chill soundscape. Enjoy!

    Metal Saucer13 October 2021
  • Sound Like An Orchestra Pad

    This sounds like an orchestra. But It'a pad. The feelings this sound evokes are peaceful. Zen vibes. Enjoy!

    Honey Pad13 October 2021
  • Great Sound!

    This is a great synth sound! Nothing too crazy as far as anything new with the sound. Layer this with a sine wav if you're playing the higher range to help add to the bottom end. The low octave of this is actually great too. Enjoy!

    Blender RX713 October 2021
  • Owl Be Good!

    This has a choir like sound. I don't know how the creator got the owls to sound like a choir, but great job. If you are looking for a choir alternative, consider the Owl Choir!

    Owl Choir13 October 2021
  • Gate Pad; No Gate

    Great pad sound with a lot of flexibility. Great sound design tool to add to your arsenal. Layer with strings or piano. Enjoy!

    Woodland Gate13 October 2021
  • Really well thought out suite

    This suite of sounds was really well thought out. You can create multiple cues using just this library. Ambient soundscapes can be created within a few minutes. Enjoy!

  • Incredible Thoughtful Sound

    Thoughtful sound. Bowl bells. Can't get enough of those sounds. Put a shimmer reverb on there to make it really ring out. Can be used in various musical contexts. Enjoy!

    Rain Catcher13 October 2021
  • Not bad percussion

    Not bad percussion sounds. The sounds could use some help fx, etc. Maybe distorting them and throwing some phase/flange can go a long way. Enjoy!

    kpercussion1d13 October 2021
  • Nice Sound From The Kitchen

    Another nice sound from the kitchen. This one is great for creating ambiences. Layer with other sounds for a nice soundscape. Enjoy!

  • Nice Alternative to Mallets

    While it won't replace mallet instruments, this is a good option to have and use along with mallets. The low registers have an interesting sound to them. Great for plucked stuff. Even layered with pizzicato strings can add a great sound blend. Enjoy!

    Barrilito Tube13 October 2021
  • Nice Soundscape Made From Kitchen Stuff

    Great sound. Has a mesmerizing feel. Layer more reverb on this sound to push it back in the mix. Great sound for the holiday season too!

  • Futuristic Sound

    NIce futuristic sound. The best range to stay in is the low range. Not a bad sound. Just not one I would use everyday. Enjoy!

    Drone from a Drone13 October 2021
  • Soundscape, Ambience, Vibes

    Great sound for creating a unique soundscape. Use it to score the next fantasy planet or an interesting character. Enjoy!

    Bottle Blow Pads13 October 2021
  • Average Sound, Great Name

    The sound, while not an everyday sound, could work well in many contexts. Enjoy!

  • Simple Pad Sound

    Simple pad sound. Great for composing a meditative piece. Also can be layered with some great string sounds. Enjoy!

    The Felt Bottle13 October 2021
  • Halloween Bowls

    Nice eerie bell sounds. Slight detuning on the notes. All will come in to play to add a unique character to it. Another great one for the month of October! Enjoy!

    Singing Bowls13 October 2021
  • Nice pad sound made from a vacuum!

    Nice pad sound. I can't believe this was made out of a vacuum. Drown this sound in reverb or add some FX to it. Can work really well as a standalone or layered with other sounds . Enjoy!

    Vax RX713 October 2021
  • Nice Warm Sound

    Pots & Pads has a nice warm sound to it right out the gate. Great for underscoring a dramatic moment. Layer with strings or add FX for more depth. Enjoy!

    Pots & Pads13 October 2021
  • Great Bell Sound

    Not too bad of a sound here. It actually has a nice childlike quality. The sound also has a little bit of character to it. Throw a flanger or chorus on this and you're golden! Enjoy!

    Large Wind Chimes13 October 2021
  • Inspiring sound!

    Inspiring pad sound layered with some granular texture vibes. Has that 80's synth vibe going on. Enjoy!

    Rock-Corn13 October 2021
  • Nice Drum Sounds

    Nice drum and percussion sounds in this library. If you are looking for some really inexpensive FREE percussion for your track, look no further! Let's go!

    The Drum Mobile13 October 2021
  • Typical Bell-esque sounds

    Great tuned percussion sound. Has a bell-like quality. Nothing too special, but could really jump out at you with some great FX. Enjoy!

    Water Bash13 October 2021
  • Story Telling Pad

    Nice story telling sounding pad. I can see this being used in slow tempo music, ballads, lullabies. Enjoy!

  • General Bell-is Sound

    Musical stones at its finest! Has a Fred Flintstone vibe to it. The lower octaves have some interesting textures to explore. This would sound great with some FX and layered with other sounds. Enjoy!

    Musical Stones13 October 2021
  • Typical Bell Sound

    This sounds like a generic bell sound. Of course, tossing some fx on there can bring out some stuff even more. Enjoy!

    Katarynka13 October 2021
  • Unique Percussion

    Unique percussion library. Create a dope percussion loop, throw some FX on it, and that can be the foundation of a great track! Enjoy!

    Metal Sails13 October 2021
  • Eerie Tones. Eerie Drones

    Perfect haunting sound for October! This can be used for a haunting halloween suspense thriller project. Or layered with pads to create an ambient soundscape. Enjoy!

    Millpot DroneSpace13 October 2021
  • Nice Kalimba

    Nothing too crazy here. But sometimes you just need a basic kalimba sound for your project. This is it! Plenty of room to add fx to change it up a little bit. Enjoy!

    Fish Can Kalimba13 October 2021
  • Great For Video Games

    When I first heard this sound, the first thing that came to mind was Super Mario Brothers. This sound would work well as a video game cue. All made from a kitchen tool that's used for cutting food. LOL. Enjoy!

    The Knife13 October 2021
  • Nice Ambient Sound

    This wine glass heard around the world. This actually sounds like a choir. Great sound! Maybe could still use some help either with layering or effects. Enjoy!

    Cinematic Wine Glasses13 October 2021
  • Nice pad sound

    Nice pad sound with a slight delay on the attack. The higher notes almost sound like a woodwind instrument. Great for creating ambient textures just add reverb. Or layer with strings for a unique blend. Enjoy!

  • Thunderous Drum Sound

    Heavy sound with a good amount of reverb. Nothing too complex in the sound. Great for sound design projects. Maybe add some EQ to add more weight to the sound. Enjoy!

    Thunder Drum13 October 2021
  • Ok Sounding Bell

    Ok sounding bell-like sound. Nothing too crazy with the sound. It could use some FX to help bring out more character. Made from a glass of water though? So dope!

    Glass of Water13 October 2021
  • Decent Sound

    This is not a bad sound. I think some FX could help bring more character to it. Nothing novel about the sound other than it was made from a Fire Extinguisher which is incredible!. Enjoy!

    Fire Extinguisher13 October 2021
  • Ocean Wave Pad Sound

    Imagine an ocean wave. Layered with some heavenly sounding pads. That's what the Cream Soda Atmos Pad reminds me of. Great sound that could also work well layered with strings. Enjoy!

    Cream Soda Atmos Pad13 October 2021
  • Pensive Sound

    Meditative. Pensive. Thoughtful. Those are the words that come to mind when I hear this sound. Sounds incredible. Just make sure you stay in time. LOL. Enjoy!

    Annie’s Clock13 October 2021
  • Never Look At Water Bottles The Same

    Great sound from a seemingly innocuous did I use that word right? item. The bottle we drink water out of can sound like a musical instrument! FX wouldn't hurt on this. Enjoy!

    Chilly’s Bottle13 October 2021
  • Not a bad sound; may need some FX

    If you're looking for some nice percussion snappy sounds, this is perfect. I would suggest throwing some reverb or delay on there to make the sound standout. Enjoy!

    Bathroom Cabinet13 October 2021
  • Great sound!

    This IKEA lamp ended up sounding pretty good! LOL. This sound could work for you on a fantasy cue. Or mystery. It can also work in a pop song. Also perfect for Halloween month! LOL Enjoy!

    The Lamp13 October 2021
  • Heavenly Sound

    If you are looking for a heavenly pad sound, look no further. This would be perfect! Very inspiring with some character, this sound could work well layered with strings or piano. Enjoy!

    Ice Choir13 October 2021
  • Rubber Band Bass

    Not a bad sound. You may have trouble getting inspired from this sound as is. I think it would work really well to layer this with a synth bass. Also add some FX to this sound. Enjoy!

    Rubber Upright13 October 2021
  • Nice bell sound

    Nice bell sound with a little bit of character. I would still suggest adding FX delay, reverb, phase, etc to see where that leads you with this sound. Enjoy!

    The Glass13 October 2021
  • Nice Bell Sound: Add FX Though

    Not a bad bell sound. Not the best either. I suggest adding reverb, delay, maybe even distortion. Anything to add some character to the sound. Enjoy!

    Koenig Electric Fork13 October 2021
  • Perfect Sound for Halloween

    This library is the perfect sound for all your creepy scary melodies. It can serve you well in a mystery, suspenseful, thriller type song. Or even in a pop or r&b context. Add some reverb and delay for fun!

  • Incredible Choir Sound

    This sound actually works well as a choir or a pad sound. Very inspiring. Again sounds great alone or layered with strings. Non-union crickets. LOL. Enjoy!

    Cricket Choir13 October 2021
  • Great Sound, Made From A Vinegar Bottle!

    It never ceases to amaze me. The creativity and genius of the Pianobook community. Who would've ever thought of taking a plastic bottle of vinegar and turning it into an instrument? The sound of this is incredible. It has an 80's synth feel to it. Layer it with strings or piano for some interesting textures. Enjoy!

    Plastic Vinegar13 October 2021
  • Fun Sounds

    The sound of Chpoki is fun and funny at the same time. Almost has a child-like quality. I could actually see this being used in a quirky comedy, animation, or even pop music. Here's a hint: Try using it in a dancehall, reggaeton, or afrobeat production. Enjoy!

    Chpoki13 October 2021
  • Wet Percussion Bell

    If you are looking for a sound that has a very unique character, then this is perfect! It has a wet bell-like sound that could work well in various contexts. For added fun, drench see what I did there? it in reverb. Enjoy!

    Pouring13 October 2021
  • Perfect Human Percussion Element

    If you are looking for some snaps and claps for your music creation, look no further. SnappinClaps is that human element you need. Layer it with your percussion or use it standalone. Let's go!

    SnappinClaps13 October 2021
  • Great Snapshot Of The Pianobook Ethos

    This pianolith is an incredible snapshot of what Pianobook is and represents. While it would now be almost impossible to create a pianolith of EVERY pianobook instrument, when "Pianolith" came out, it was the perfect idea: blend up to 4 different or the same Pianobook instruments and also have envelop and effects per sound. I would highly recommend Pianolith actually as the first Pianobook instrument for someone looking to get their Pianobook "feet" wet.

    Pianolith12 October 2021
  • My First Review: Here's Why

    I purposely made this my first official review. Having demoed over 500 Pianobook instruments, this one seems to have stuck in my memory the most. I really can't find a fault in it. It has an incredible unique sound that inspired me as soon as I opened it up. I highly suggest you check out Serendipity!

    Serendipity12 October 2021